Thieneman Jumps on Jerry for Discretionary Spending

Chris Thieneman

Chris Theineman, a longtime outspoken critic of Mayor-for-Life Jerry Abramson, isn’t surprised by recent Courier-Journal reporting on the Mayor’s discretionary fund. Thieneman ran as a Republican in the Mayoral primary. Abramson, now running for Lt. Governor, is getting plenty of heat from Republicans.  Thieneman wrote this piece in response to the latest on Jerry’s spending in office:

Today, Louisville is now dealing with the aftermath of the past administration. Taxpayer dollars were sent to Baltimore-based Cordish Company, who refuse to cooperate with this suspicious spending, and thousands more to a Washington D.C. eatery to entertain wealthy Louisville executives.

Over time, these funds had no oversight or proper paperwork to justify the spending. This “fun” money came directly from Louisville taxpayers into a slush fund, at the disposal of former Mayor Jerry Abramson, the sole watchdog of this money.

When questioned by the CJ, his simple response of  “I would do it again” reinforces his attitude of complete irresponsibility and lack of sensitivity towards hard-working Louisville families currently struggling in today’s economy.

In light of all the problems of grant money from the housing authority to MSD hush money for whistleblowers and other questionable spending during Abramson’s administration, it is now our responsibility as voters to never allow Mr. Abramson the opportunity to “do it again”.