Naked Lady Party … for Wedding Dresses?


I admit I’m a bit of a princess, in that I prefer Paris to camping, and diamonds to moonstones, but I’m not at all a fashionista. I’ve been wearing the same t-shirts since high school (although now people think I bought them at a vintage shop), and I own one pair of jeans. All of my newer clothes are friends’ hand-me-downs. My shoe style is Winter: cowboy boots and  Summer: flip-flops. Easy.

So in answer to, “What are you wearing?” Well, as of now, I don’t know. I found one dress at a consignment store a few weeks ago that was too white, — I’m more of an ivory girl — but I’ve been watching eBay for an ivory version. I’ve got a lead, at least.

In trying to maintain this whole Green plan – which is proving MUCH more difficult than it should be, mainly because we simply cannot afford the locally-grown food prices when trying to feed 150 people – my attorney and I have come up with a plan. I say “attorney” only because it sounds fancy, and not because it has any relevance to the story.

A few weeks ago when I was visiting with said attorney in Nashville (“visiting” is a euphemism having cocktails and going to a concert), she thrust a HUGE garbage bag at me with the instructions, “I don’t care what you do with this, but you cannot bring it back.” Inside the garbage bag was her Cinderella wedding dress from a few years ago.

I’d mentioned to her at one point that I really wanted to buy something used because of the Green factor (Reuse!). I know it seems crazy, but I just don’t feel good about buying a brand new dress that I’ll only wear once. Why have someone (whether a relative or a small third-world child) spend hundreds of hours toiling on such a costume?

I could turn to consignment stores or the internet, but, as my attorney pointed, plenty of my friends own wedding dresses (maybe even you??).

Which brings me to our new project:  How about I spring for champagne some afternoon, you come over with your old wedding dress, and we drink bottomless mimosas while putting on a fashion show? I mean, I doubt that you spent the $300 to have your dress “heirloomed” or whatever, which means it’s just in your closet turning yellow day by day. I’m looking for something more ivory than white anyway (again – not funny), so that might just be perfect.

Anyone game?