LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: 49 Trifecta, Jeffersontown’s Online Village, Uber’s Up


It’s April 1, you fool, and remember it’s just  about 36 days until the Kentucky Derby, and things are picking up around here, in a good way.

Donna Brothers and Jeaneen Barnhart
Donna Brothers and Jeaneen Barnhart

Guess Who’s Turning 50 This Year: There must be something I should bet on here. This week’s Rusty Satellite Show features Donna Brothers, the NBC pony back reporter who is COO of Starlight Racing and one of the all-time winningest women jockeys. She’s speaking at Maryhurst’s Journey of Hope Luncheon May 18. And there’s the artist Jeaneen Barnhart, who loves to paint Horses and naked people, who’s opening a new show downtown this week. And our favorite jockey Calvin Borel, who just moved to Florida from Louisville, announced his retirement from racing. All three will be 50 on their next birthday.

Listen to the show here:

Uber’s Up: The Uber ride-sharing service announced it is raising pricing by 11 percent in Louisville. That’s good news for drivers like me. Uber dropped pricing in January by 15 percent to boost business, and now is really just getting pricing back to where it should have been. Want to become a driver like me? Click this link.

Lachlan McLean
Lachlan McLean

What This Town Really Needs: Is NOT another sports talk show on radio. But that didn’t stop ESPN 680 from hiring Rusty favorite Lachlan McLean for the 10-12 shift on weekdays. I will say, though, that Lach is the best of the bunch. Now you’ve got 10 more hours a week to listen to callers talking about Rick Pitino’s future.

It Takes an Online Village: In Jeffersontown, the Bluegrass Commerce Park has been designated AT&T Fiber Ready, the first such location of its type in Jefferson County. The big deal — it’s a great selling tool for persuading businesses to locate there, and the fiber optic speed available online is really quick. But Mayor Bill Dieruf said in the Jtown Chamber Podcast this week that there are plenty of other vendors, including Google, coming to provide service there.

Listen here on the Jtown Chamber Podcast:


WAVE's Lauren Jones and her baby bump
WAVE’s Lauren Jones and her baby bump

Local Baby Bump Gets Cosmo’s Attention: Rusty favorite John Boel got quite a reaction when he posted this pic of WAVE 3 co-worker Lauren Jones and her baby bump. Even Cosmo magazine, which posted the pic and a discussion of why shaming pregnant women is so awful. The mini-controversy started when Jones commented to Boel that she’d gone a whole week without someone saying something mean to her.

Eye Know I Can Do It: I had a wonderful experience at the Eye Care Institute this week, learning that everything checks out for me to undergo LASIK, which would allow me to ditch my contacts and see clearly without vision correction.  Stay tuned.

Safe Choice at WKU: I’m not a big fan of WKU’s choice for its new basketball coach. Rick Stansbury won a lot of games at Mississippi State and was part of a good run as an assistant at Texas !&M, but I thought there were more exciting choices, like Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend or UK assistant Kenny Payne. But Stansbury hasn’t lost a game yet, so there’s hope.

Get Out of the House: I’m not sure it’s a good thing that the Louisville  market is a national leader in TV ratings for the NCAA basketball tournament again this year, even though we don’t have a local rooting interest. We really should get out more. By the way, the Final Four teams are North Carolina, Syracuse, Oklahoma and Villanova. Better to go see some Cards baseball, as I did last weekend (see photo above).

Little Stevie Orbit: My favorite singer Steve Forbert is in Lexington Sunday for a performance of the NPR Show, Mountain Stage, so I’m going to go hang out with the hipsters there.

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