Louisville School District to Launch Anti-Vaping Campaign


Vaping has become the latest trend for adults and youngsters alike. As e-cigarettes are still relatively new, we still are not sure of the long-term damage they can cause. Most vaping liquids also contain nicotine, meaning many people become hooked on nicotine without even trying a cigarette. With so many kids using e-cigarettes, Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) have begun an anti-vaping campaign to help fight this fad.

The Campaign

Many kids do not know the true dangers of e-cigarettes, meaning they are putting substances into their bodies that could be causing them harm. The Superintendent of JCPS, Marty Pollio, with the aid of the Mayor, Greg Fischer, will publicly announce the campaign they have called #VapingEquals, according to a source. The campaign has also been backed by the public health department of Louisville. One poster expresses the dangers of using a particularly popular vaping liquid at the moment named JUUL. It states that one of the JUUL pods that can be bought to fill an e-cigarette contains the same amount of nicotine as twenty cigarettes. Not only are we unaware of the true internal dangers of e-cigarettes, those in the healthcare industry are also warning against e-cigarettes due to a number of incidents in which they have exploded when being used by adults and children.

How Will They Do It?

JCPS is set to launch this campaign to educate their students in what they are putting into their bodies and the possible harm they are causing themselves. E-cigarettes are often portrayed in the media as good, as they are a better substitute than smoking. Unfortunately, e-cigarettes are not often used as intended and instead of being used as a smoking cessation device, they are used for recreational purposes, leading adults and children to become hooked on nicotine. The campaign will run with lessons for both high-school and middle-school children, alongside posters and other online resources. The Kentucky Senator  Mitch McConnel has released a statement as he intends to file a bill to establish new rules around e-cigarettes. Now those wishing to purchase an e-cigarette, or any other tobacco product, will have to prove they are over the age of 21.

Why Are Schools Getting Involved?

Schools are often where our children spend the most time, so it is important that they get behind these kind of health campaigns set to change the minds of our youths. Teachers are often our children’s role models and therefore have a responsibility to keep our kids safe, just as we as parents do. Teachers not only teach children valuable lessons in English, Math and Science, they also aim to teach life lessons. Why are teachers important to society? They shape children’s futures and aid in teaching the difference between right and wrong while they learn and grow.

With vaping on the rise, this is just the kind of health campaign that is needed across schools in Louisville right now. Tobacco and e-cigarettes should not be brought on to, or used on any school property and this has been signed into law.