Locally-Produced Film Debuts on July 11th at Stonybrook 20 Theater in Jtown


On July 11th, Louisville will see the premiere opening of Out of Frame, a 40-minute neo-noir short film, produced in Louisville with local talent at the Stonybrook 20 theater, 2745 South Hurstbourne Parkway, at 8 PM.  Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door.  The film is unrated, and contains mature themes, violence, and brief nudity.  A question and answer period will take place with the cast and crew immediately following the film opening.  Tentatively at press time, a nearby after-party is anticipated and will be announced at the event, which is expected to begin at 9 PM, completing no later than 11:30PM.  There will be no additional cover charge to attend any after-party opportunity.

Out of Frame is a psychological crime noir story that offers a voyeuristic view into the life of an art photographer Damien Drake.  After Damien Drake walks away from his underground photography work dubbed, “The Death Series,” his creativity collapses.  Lost at the crossroad of his career, Damien must confront the sins of his past when danger returns in the form of John Godewynn.  This thriller, produced by Omnestream Entertainment, is a collaboration with talented local and regional filmmakers.  The 40-minute short was shot entirely on location in the Louisville, KY area and features premiere locales, such as the Tim Faulkner Gallery and Glassworks.

Out of Frame is directed by Joseph State, with the story written by John Risner.  Producers Eric Roper and Darin Evans also featured art photography of Black & Grey magazine’s Bil Brown.

The local cast includes Robert Hatfield, as John Godewynn, a mysterious figure from Damien’s past that harbors an obsession for Damien’s Death Series work.  Herschel Zahnd is the art photographer, Damien Drake, desperately seeking a way out of the shadow of his previous creative works.  Model Amber Gail Nethery as Allette Marseau is the seductive model driven to be the one to persuade Damien into renewing the Death Series.   Chrissy Joy is Lorna Hagen, Damien’s girlfriend and art manager, working to propel Damien into a creative force in the art community.  Michael Smith is Dietrich Lamot, the art critic who is unimpressed with Damien’s new creative direction.  Heyman Talent’s own Kayla Gill is Jenny, a waitress from Damien’s past who is the key to his rejection of the Death Series.  Sarah Witt is Brittany, a model eager to work with Damien.

Out of Frame will be entered into competition various national and international filmfests and will be shown in other cities, beginning in the Fall.

For more information contact:  Eric Roper, Producer, omnestar@gmail.com, 502-457-0806.