Let Me Eat Cake! (The 2nd Best Part of Wedding Planning)


Newleyweds will tell you that one of the best parts of planning your wedding is choosing your cake-baker. David and I heard stories of tastings and flavors and bizarre bakers, but all of those stories ended with hours and hours of eating cake. I mean, eating cake … what else should a princess do with her time? Other than ride ponies and cut off heads? I was very much looking forward to it.

Except that we fell in love with the cakes from the FIRST BAKER we tried. We could have lied to other people, or even lied to ourselves, saying that we needed to have a larger sample size to make a statistically good choice. But that sample cake we went home with — featuring six different flavors all patched together and iced beautifully — didn’t last the day between me, David, and my dad (sorry, Mom).

Unfortunately for us, Adrienne & Co. in Jeffersonville — a local, family-owned small business — not only makes amazing cakes, but Adrienne and her husband and her staff are incredibly nice … and thoughtful … and creative … and understanding/caring/patient/helpful to those who are bad with decisions.

After a great consultation with Adrienne herself (in which she actually listened to DAVID and what he had to say, rather than pointing every question towards the bride), we had made our decision. We went with bite-size cupcakes because we wanted lots of flavors (and didn’t want to pay that absurd “cake-cutting fee” that most caterers — not bakers — charge), and cupcakes are yummy.

Adrienne didn’t balk when we explained we wanted the icing to be the natural colors, rather than using chemical dyes, and she said she’d decorate the display with ribbons and such to make them match the theme. Nor did she judge us when we explained we are looking to err on the side of too few cupcakes. Our ultimate goal — other than marrying each other — is to have a party with as little waste as possible. (Oddly, we may end up with way-too-few cupcakes because people are suddenly RSPVing weeks after we’ve given a head count to the caterers. Come on, people!)

I feel a little guilty wasting her talent on just a bunch of little cupcakes though. I should really have commissioned a To-Scale Cake Replica of Michaelangelo’s David as a Groom’s Cake. Maybe I’ll start a Kickstarter campaign for that…

Go check out the photos from the Adrienne & Co Website of some of her creations, most of which would make the Food Network swoon.

Enjoy her creations, but whatever you do, do NOT take my advice on this. Visit Adrienne’s LAST on your list because you will hire them, and then have no reason to go around the city sampling free cake from every bakery.

By the way, they also serve lunch — Italian-themed. It’s enough to make me cross the bridge, and if you know me, THAT is saying a lot.