Yum goes GaGa

Wow.. I’ve always enjoyed hearing Lady GaGa on the radio, but I never thought I would enjoy a Lady GaGa concert as much as I did tonight with my wife Norine.

This lady is a major talent who knows how to entertain an audience. From the moment she stepped on stage she had my attention. Now she has my devotion as a little monster.

Remember I’m 55, straight and like a variety of music  but never thought I would enjoy the concert as much as I did tonight. GaGa’s energy is infectious, she proudly announces we will never see her lip syncing her music. She is full out mesmerizing.  Costume changes, lighting effects, stage presence and pure enjoyment. I paid about $100 for each ticket, I’d gladly do it again.

I only wish I had brought a better camera to take pictures and video (I was afraid they would be confiscated). But at one point GaGa actually invited us to take pictures. You don’t have to ask me twice. If you ever get the chance to see her in concert GO! By the way the Yum center was a great venue for the concert and the restaurants were reaping the benefits of the concert and Les Misérables at the Kentucky Center. A great night to live in Louisville!

After the show, Lady Gaga made an appearance at Connections downtown, and here’s some video:

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