Winter = Whiskey, Novels, and Naps.


I went to the coffee-shop because I wanted to write deliberately. Both my blog and my art have been neglected this season, as winter is only good for whiskey, novels, and naps.  This morning, however, I determined ten hours of sleep was enough and got up at 8:00.  Don’t hate me for sleeping so long … I was having a lovely dream that my neighbor was raising a tiny baby elephant that took naps in a sugar bowl. Who would want to wake up from playing with a kitten-sized elephant?

But it’s time. My 1099s are postmarked, and though I’m still deeply immersed in the thrilling mystery, QuickBooks for Dummies, I know it is time to pull myself out of this funk. My red boots are on, and I’ve already answered 15 emails, been to two banks and the post office, all before 9:15.

Now I sit at the coffee-shop, forcing myself to write. Some people say you must wait for inspiration to strike. I say you must practice so you’re not sweating profusely when said inspiration finally appears.

Things I’ve learned during my deliberate writing? So far, I’ve learned that my natural inclination is for two spaces after a period, which apparently makes me old-fashioned. Also, I’ve learned that even half-caff gives me the jitters. And that forcing oneself to write does not necessarily lead to brilliant posts, but it does lead to massive “To Do” Lists.  Said lists can be inspiring, however, especially when they involve some of winter’s favorite things: whiskey, novels, and naps.

I plan on checking each of those things off today. It’s very important to feel like you’re getting something accomplished.