East End Bridge, Hurdles & lawsuits: What would Lewis & Clark do?


I have a saying: If God places a hurdle in your path, and you keep going around it, and boom! theres another obstacle in your path, and yet, you go around again, and the cycle repeats over and over, when are you going to realize the roadblock is there for a reason?

Uhm, yeah.  If you are hell bent and determined to build a bridge, you will ignore every obstacle, for decades, wasting taxpayer money when there is a simple solution.

Place the bridge in the East end,  of Oldham County, right where Highway 53 intersects with US 42.
Its exactly 4 miles from 42 to LaGrange and the I-71 intersection. The land from 42 to the Ohio River runs under the WAVE 3 Tower, and is mostly farmland  that is not inhabited by historic homes, condos or residential neighborhoods. The land under the tower is now for sale. Go get it! You will only displace haybails!

From the Gene Snyder to Hwy 53 is 17 miles. – Don’t scoff! from the City of Goshen to 4th and Chestnut via River Road its 14 miles, so whats 3 miles going to matter?

Oh, and I bet LaGrange, Westport, Oldham County would LOVE the business traffic as well, and we wouldn’t displace hundreds of families, disrupt historic homes, or tear up scenic by-ways .

Oh, but that would make SENSE, so lets not.

Oh, but there is a 252 acre Conservation Park close by, but maybe you could TUNNEL under it. Or kick it it out of trust. It was a working farm tract owned by the Morgan Family back in the day, and now its a park, but that won’t stop you now will it?

This is going to be the never ending bridge scam of all time…I am just not sure why no one  has looked at any other alternatives to where we are placing it in Jefferson County. Its not the only time a new path had to be blazed in Kentucky, just ask Lewis and Clark for God’s Sake.
We have even newer hurdles popping up weekly… here are a few.

“The suit makes 14 claims against the project, including that it violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because the tolls would disproportionately affect minority groups.”  ( C-J Sept. 5, 2012) 


I can’t take it. The Mayor has a “Groundbreaking” for the east end bridge. Woo!
It was actually just a ceremonial dig for the “road extension” that will be used when (if) the damn bridge is ever built. Oh, and coincidentally it was held at Eagle STEEL. Notice the business type, yeah.

Do you Think perhaps maybe Eagle Steel will be providing the STEEL for the bridge????? Gee, that’s hard to figure out…I can just see all the improprieties in the coming bids for the jobs when we start digging around as to who is getting paid as a result of the business owned. Just wait.

Eagle Steel was flying both Indiana and Kentucky flags on Wednesday in anticipation of the groundbreaking ceremony.  The company cuts steel and distributes in the area, including across the river at Louisville’s General Electric.

Chuck Moore of Eagle Steel explains, “There’s only one way across the river at this point.  It can be very time consuming, it costs a lot of money, gas if there’s a breakdown on the bridge. We’re held up, it’s very time consuming.”

from another article:

Moore was the first to open his steel manufacturing business along the Ohio River in the Clark Maritime Centre in Jeffersonville  — he also has a location on Collins Lane in Louisville — in part due to its location, but not because of the promise of eventually adding new bridges across the Ohio.

“We did not move here because of the bridges, or future bridges that we had hoped that there would be,” Moore said. “We moved here because of the river and being able to have access to the river, the rail and the roads. So it really was a perfect spot to have the bridges, and more bridges would be fantastic. It’s very important to us now.”

Hey Chuck, I think we should put a bridge through your neighborhood , sport, because its hard for me to get from the east end over to…oh, where do you live again?  OH, in GOSHEN?  Or Prospect? Do you need the bridge because you need a good, quick  way to get to work? Right….

As of Tuesday (9.4.12) the C-J reports that yet another River Road estate will be doomed for the Bridge. the 150 year old Belleview Estate. Now -parts of the estate grounds and nearby farmlands is set for development but still.

ANOTHER piece of beautiful property which makes LOUISVILLE a great place to live is going to be destroyed. Way to go.
So much for the “Scenic Byway” that everyone loves to bike and drive on beautiful days….GRRRR.

Have you ever google mapped the Indiana side of the bridge path? It barely touches ANYTHING in its path. Wow, nicely done Mitch!


Thank Goodness, perhaps someone will listen to this lawsuit…ugh.
A Louisville public transportation advocacy group is suing in federal court to block the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court says federal and state agencies lack legal authority to implement tolls on the new bridge planned downtown.

A complaint the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court says federal and state agencies lack legal authority to implement tolls on the new bridge planned downtown.


And no one has spoken a DROP about the runoff of highway detritus of chemicals, salt etc.,  into our water supply.
Oh, is that news to you?

Yes. Read it here:

East end bridge over Louisville Water Co filtration system……By STAFF | Published: JULY 17, 2012

By Curtis Morrison

When salt is put down on the East End Bridge to combat winter ice, it could mix with oil, grime and other gross stuff on the roadway, then end up in our Louisville Water Co. drinking water.

Before the chosen Kentucky approach to the proposed East End Bridge meets the bridge, it will travel beneath an estate through dangerous tunnels that will ultimately limit the bridge’s capacity, whiz by a newly-found family of eagles, to intersect with the wellhead protection area of the Louisville Water Company’s Riverbank Filtration system.

Really? Wow! Build it!
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