Water water everywhere! Riverfest Music Festival this weekend

Its that time of year, when we Louisvillians hit the water anyway we can to beat the heat. The best we can do is seek out the water around us in neighborhood pools, lakes or the mighty Ohio for that cool refreshing dip. Then come the important part, hydration. In this crazy Kentucky hot and humid climate, the good old Louisville tap is on hand for that much needed sip.

But what if we didn’t have that clean H2O at our fingertips?
Did you know that 40% of the world’s illnesses have origins in water?

“It’s an unfortunate paradox that water – a substance so vital for survival – is also responsible for disease and death.  The fact is that waterborne disease kills more people – everyday – than armed conflict, HIV/AIDS and cancer….combined.”

So thats where this story begins, EDGE outreach is a not-for-profit entity based right here in the river city whose vision and mission is to help communities all around the world learn the techniques of water purification and the upkeep of these systems.

Sites requiring several hundred to thousands of gallons of water/day usually need the higher throughput or capacity offered by community based solutions. EDGE has preferred solutions that chlorinate water as it is 100% effective in killing disease causing pathogens. Among its most effective tools is a chlorine generator that uses ordinary salt (sodium chloride), and electrolysis thatis powered by either 12-volt car battery or solar panel.

How can you get involved? Well, aside form become a trained volunteer for EDGE, you can get out with some other community minded folks riverside for a Friday & Saturday filled with great bands and fun! Join me for RiverFest Music Festival

Our friends at the Shady Glen Club have partnered up with EDGE Outreach for a few years now to raise awareness and funding for their mission. Tonight and Saturday, you can take your lawn chairs, coolers and blankets out to the Prospect area and enjoy over 7 nationally recognized bands ranging from Classic Rock to Funk on the banks of the Ohio.

History of Shady Glen:
The riverside club was built on a foundation of family and love of the river by a few WWII Army veterans back in the 1940’s. Their river side “camp” became a tradition and their families and descendants keep it going to this day. There are a few members who have been asked to join given their proximity and dedication to the club. The Shady Glen Club found out through friends about the mission of EDGE Outreach, and decided This is a charity that makes sense given the history of the club.  It’s a symbiotic relationship  that is truly “water-bourne”. The personal committments go beyond a two-day music festival, its a year round mission to help.

The Shady Glen welcomes you to come out for some great music for a great cause tonight starting @ 5pm and all day Saturday for the big line up.

Check out the schedule:
RIVERFEST Music Festival 2011
Full two-day line up:
Friday June 24
7:00 – 8:30 pm Rock Candy – Classic Rock.
9:00 – 11:30 The Unlimited Show Band – R&B, Funk, Soul, Motown.
Saturday June 25
2:30 pm – Stockholm Robot – Folk, Indie, Acoustic

4:00 Logan Street Band – Classic Rock and Blues From Paul McCartney to Led Zeppelin – Travis Tritt to the Stevie Ray Vaughan.

5:00 pm Trick Nickel – Contemporary Country – Country Rock. A big hit last year! 7:00 Josh and Holly – Country and Country Rock. Holly has appeared and competed in talent competition on CMT. Male/Female duo – with full band back-up.

9:00 Maurice John Vaughn Blues Revue wth special guest Anthony Buckner. Finalist in the “Best Blues Band” in Chicago – Alligator Records recording artists. 10:45 The Slyk Band – Riverfest tradition of high-output rock and fun. (times subject to change.)
Shady Glen Club 1504 Riverside Drive, Prospect, KY 40059

By Car:
Take Rose Island Road 2.8 miles/Turn left on Oldham Acres/Then turn right on Riverside Drive (Valet parking) Field chair and cooler friendly! Food offered by Butchers Best
Meats and Deli ”

By Boat: about 3/4 of the way from Captains Quarters up river to Sieg’s on the River. You may anchor out and just hang on your vessel- its just as much fun off shore too!
Get advance tickets online: http://www.edgeoutreach.com/events/riverfest-tickets Only $10 for both days!
Same day: 2-day pass $20; 1-day $10. Advance tickets also available at Ear-X-tacy.


More About EDGE Outreach
Startling Facts:

  • This year, about 2,200,000 children will die of dehydration caused by diarrhea. 80% of them in the first two years of their life.
  • Every year, an estimated 19 million children under five die from diarrheal diseases.
  • 80% of all sickness in the world is attributable to unsafe water and sanitation. – WHO
  • In the world’s poorest countries – over 5,000 children each die each day. Poor water contribute to almost 90% of these deaths.
  • Worldwide, 884 million people live without clean water and 2.5 billion people live without toilets every day of their lives.
  • People suffering from preventable diseases caused by unsafe water and inadequate sanitation occupy half of the hospital beds in the developing world.
  • Current evidence shows that 1.7 million deaths could be avoided each year by providing access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. The single most effective intervention is hand washing with soap, which would cut diarrhea deaths in half.
  • If we did nothing other than provide access to clean water, without any other medical intervention, we could save 2 million lives a year.
  • Women and female children spend more than 200 million hours each day collecting water from distant often polluted sources.

Over the course of ten years EDGE OUTREACH has helped people in more than 20 countries solve problems with unsafe drinking water (bacterial contamination) and community health. It has gained experience in a number of simple, appropriate technologies that help purify water.

When a community decides it would like to address problems of waterborne disease EDGE helps them consider factors that lead to appropriate solutions, e.g. number of people that rely on the water source, daily water requirements, water source, presence/absence of electricity on the site, locations water needs to be dispensed.

While EDGE has found some technologies are more effective than others it does promote any ‘one size fits all’ solution to unsafe drinking water. There are two types of solutions it has found to be the most effective on a long-term basis: Sites requiring several hundred to thousands of gallons of water/day usually need the higher throughput or capacity offered by community based solutions. EDGE has preferred solutions that chlorinate water as it is 100% effective in killing disease causing pathogens.



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