Warning: Retirement Ahead



“Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did!”  Malcolm Forbes said that.

And it seems that lately, as I talk with people who have just retired or are about to retire, we often reflect on Forbes’ comment.


Retirement. What we started out thinking of as a time when we would be able to do all those things we dreamed of doing while we were working, for many people has turned out to be less than fulfilling. Just think about what happens when a person  no longer has a steady job to go to every day. The `retiree with no plans’ no longer has his or her social structure in place; no reason to get out of bed and no goals to achieve. From my perspective it is a complete lose-lose situation for this person and all the opportunities that go unrealized.


Often, when I’m talking to groups about the importance of planning for retirement, I tell them, “some people spend more time planning their second vacation than they do in making realistic retirement plans.”  That’s a big mistake.


It’s an issue that affects both men and women- but primarily men. Gail Sheehy, noted author, offers this perspective  `When men reach their sixties and retire they go to pieces. Women go right on cooking.’ Now that’s somewhat humorous, but unfortunately, it’s also somewhat true. People who have led active, productive lives at work, often “go to pieces” when they suddenly find themselves with nothing to do.


It is generally true that people who see a doctor regularly and don’t wait until a symptom of illness appears, live a happier and healthier life.


When a person retires they should not have to build their own retirement plan. They should have available independent analysis and advice from professionals who can help guide them in a holistic approach to retirement.


This assessment should not just be about financial matters. It ought to include where they are physically and it should make them aware of what opportunities exist to give them that fulfillment and reason to get out of bed each morning.


If you, or someone you know, is facing these issues and looking for answers, I have a suggestion.  My company, Third Wind, is offering a free information session about  issues surrounding retirement;  what you need to know before you retire, and what opportunities are available after you retire.  This seminar will be held at the St. Matthews- Eline Library- 3940 Grandview Avenue on Thursday, November 17, from 4:00-5:30 p.m.  I’ll be talking about the importance of undergoing both a financial and physical evaluation.  And I’ll have guest experts on hand to talk about creating your personal assessment, and the opportunities for, and benefits of volunteering in the community. We’ll have lots of useful information and some light refreshments to enjoy.  I hope you will join us.


*** Bill Ronay is President of Third Wind, a retirement resource network that provides personalized, comprehensive information, guidance and resources to help people make a successful transition into retirement.  Third Wind uses a holistic approach to help adults facing retirement discover new opportunities and purpose as they make the transition into the third phase of life; their Third Wind.

If you have questions about planning your retirement, contact Bill at 502 895-3693 or go to mythirdwind.com for more information.