Wall Street Protestors

The Wall Street  fiasco is rather comical, in my opinion.  We have taken the stance, as a nation, that if we don’t like something, let’s just protest.  Let’s spend hours, days, or weeks complaining about the way things are, instead of spending that time trying to figure out a solution.

Complaining is EASY.  Finding solutions are HARD.  I guess that’s why protesting is so popular now-a-days.

So here’s my take…. Don’t like the bridge situation in Louisville?  Let’s set up a protest on the Kennedy Bridge and not let anyone across.  That will make our point!!!  Thought you had to wait too long in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru?  Let’s set up camp in their parking lot and disrupt everyone’s chance to eat!!!  Did your neighbor’s dog crap in your yard?  Have a “sit-in” at each of his entrances, so the dog can no longer get out to do his business!!!  Makes about as much sense.

A lot of press has been spent covering and following the Wall Street protesters.  Their stance on “un-equality” is quite interesting.  They have taken a lot of news time, their personal time, and caused a lot of disruptions, trying to get their point across that they feel the poor are too poor and the rich are too rich, and that the gap between them should narrow.  Seems like I’ve seen that logic before….. Remember Socialism & Communism?????

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  1. “Seems like I’ve seen that logic before….. Remember Socialism & Communism?????”

    Then elaborate on this statement, with those five question marks, and stop protesting.

    Er, wait, you just said finished saying that to the protesters. Looks like you’re guilty of not following your own advice. Weak, dude. Very weak, but hey – there’s no discussion at this blog, is there? You guys won the LEO poll how?

  2. Seriously, you guys pay for such poorly thought out nonsense? Arguing that any form of a progressive tax system is socialism/communism is absurd. If you are going to make a conservative argument against the Occupy Wall Street movement please hire someone who can write and understands basic economic principles.

  3. After Barbara Day’s recent sycophantic ramblings praising the vacuous and vapid Andrew Breitbart, I am beginning to think *feature* writers at this blog are nothing but anti-intellectual, right-wing tea-baggers.

    William F. Buckley, an intellectual conservative I admired when I was younger, surely must be doing spins in his casket over what the right-wing has become over the last decade.

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