Unplugging One Kid At A Time

Everybody is basketball crazed but this weather really makes me want to golf. There’s nothing like popping some allergy medicine and hitting the course to be in the great outdoors for a few hours. The opportunity to be outside and unplugged is really the enjoyment I get out of golf. It certainly isn’t my mediocre putting skills or the slice off the tee. Let me reiterate my love of being unplugged from technology while on the golf course.  I first started playing golf on a semi regular basis a couple of years ago. The best decision I ever made was to deliberately leave my cell phone in the car. I did it the first time and have not looked back since.  All that background info leads me to talking about the importance of our kids knowing how to unplug and enjoy the Good Walk Spoiled.

My daughter has participated in a fabulous LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program here in Louisville for 4 years.  Golf Teaching Professional, Brenda Daniels has run this program from Quail Chase Golf Course and does an excellent job. “Girls ages 7 – 17 learn to play golf, build lasting friendships and experience competition in a fun, supportive environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment with the game.”   Brenda makes learning the game of golf fun and not intimidating for the girls. Her positive attitude towards life and golf is contagious. I am all for girls learning to play golf and feeling confident in themselves and future social/ business situations. And if they are unplugged for a few hours and learn to be okay with that… all the better!

To find out more about the LPGA- USGA Girls Golf program contact Brenda Daniels at Quail Chase Golf Club. 502- 239-2110. The 2012 Summer Schedule is now available.

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