Trader Joe’s… another reason to Love Louisville?

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a Trader Joes but I’ve heard plenty about them! In fact a roar of approval went up around my office today when we read that they might be considering Louisville as an expansion city. The two operative words here “read” and “might”.

Now follow this…. The Courier Journal’s Chris Otts’ quoted a Business first story by John Karman that “Several sources, who asked not to be identified, have told Business First that the Monrovia, Calif.-based chain — one of the hottest retailers in the country — plans to bring a store to Shelbyville Road Plaza in St. Matthews”.

The problem is sources are keeping quiet. No one from Trader Joe’s will talk until a deal is signed and according to Chris Otts “Tommy Edwards, who oversees leasing for Middletown-based Hagan Properties, the strip center’s owner… declined to say whether Hagan is in talks with the grocer”.

Getting sources to go on the record can be tough. But I think I can help Chris with this one (at least maybe). A Louisville Realtor by day and former reporter in my past life, I’m also a new member on the Louisville Hot Bytes website forum.

Now here’s where it gets a little interesting… according to a forum poster who writes under the name Nimbus Couzin The St. Mathew rumor has been confirmed… well sort of. Nimbus says “At the site of the Craftman Collection… and Kid Castle on Shelbyville Rd.. Apparently, the tenants there said their leases were non-renewed because a Trader Joe’s is coming to town! A second source has also made this claim”.

OK Nimbus spill the beans, who’s your source (did you get it from an insider at Business First) or did you just read a little further into the Business First story than I did?

Then there’s The Facebook group (as reported on this Blog yesterday), thrilled the chain is coming to Louisville.

Not sure what all this means to you? Well take for example Real Estate Attorney Chuck Crosby. Chuck and wife Sherry have been known to jump in their car on weekends and head to the closest Trader Joe’s in Cincinnati. You’ll find the two of them frolicking thru the isles grabbing Trader Joe this and Trader Joe that. I asked Chuck to find me some Ba-Tampte Hot Cherry Peppers (my favorite) but alas they don’t stock them.

Reached by phone Friday night (he was at the movies viewing The Green Hornet Movie), Chuck was all smiles. Chuck calls “Trader Joe’s the Temple of grocery stores, second to a North East chain called Wegmans (The Cathedral of grocery stores)”. By now you realize Chuck is both religious and a gourmet.

So Chris, there you have it. An almost on the record conformation of Trader Joes coming to Louisville and a Real Estate Attorney will save wear and tear on his car possibly no longer having to drive to Cincinnati.

Ok on to the next story… lets track down the rumors of a pro basketball team coming to Louisville! Hey Facebook group.. we have another job for you!

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob and his Team at

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  1. Trader Joe’s has been one of my favorite stores for over 20 years on the west and northwest coasts. It is so diverse and unique that shopping demographics could support one in Louisville without rocking anyone’s boat. Valu Market, Kroger, Fresh Market find their own crowds for different reasons, even the boutiques, Burger’s and Doll’s have held their own for years. Trader Joe’s would be the new kid on the block for a while but I know the need is here NOW and they would blend well with our current staple and Farmer’s Market shopping profile! On a personal note, I feel that Old Louisville would be an ideal location for TJ. Those folks are in a food desert over there and it would really boost their neighborhood. So, YEAH! Thanks for posting this Bob. I’m taking this over to Facebook.

  2. Friends in cities with Trader Joe’s stores have picked up all kinds of stuff for me, like wine and coffee and trail mix and cookies … the list goes on. My question: Is everything they sell absolutely as addictive as crack cocaine? That’s been my experience and I’ve never set foot in one of their stores!

  3. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brlliiant posts.

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