THIS WEEK: is Back with Music, Food and Blues

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Thanks for coming back to We had a brief hiatus that was part vacation/part technology issues. But that’s all worked out now thanks to tech whiz Jason Smith, and is humming along with content thanks to Jackie Bentley. Now, some highlights in my week:

Memories of the Snake: Ken “Snake” Stabler, my fave QB from the glorious Raider days in the NFL, passed away at 69. I blame the part of my personality that is rebellious and resistant to authority on the Raiders, who in the 1970s were the baddest, meanest bunch of goofballs on the planet. Snake didn’t even have the best nickname on a team the led the league — from the Assassin to the Mad Stork. And the best slogan of all time: Just Win, Baby.


Ben Sollee at the Louisville Forum

Change the Music: At a Louisville Forum event at Vincenzo’s, musician and former Rusty guest Ben Sollee explained that the big change in the music industry is streaming, a transformation to renting, instead of buying, your music. And the recent launch of Apple Music is big, more so than Pandora, IHeart or Amazon Prime, the ones I was using. I’m doing the free Apple trial, and the amount of music available is staggering. I just listened to a long lost recording  there — Jethro Tull’s Too Old to Rock ‘n Roll, Too Young to Die.

Sunday Brunch: Join this week’s Rusty guest Gary Fox at the Olmsted for Taste of Independents. For 40 bucks, you get to taste samples from the best independent restaurants in the city. It’s for a good cause, and you really don’t want to go to Olive Garden again.


My Rusty interview with Caroline Heine

Westward Go!  You should be excited about the city’s western development — the proposed additions to Waterfront Park, Gill Holland’s efforts to revitalize Porland, and the West Louisville FoodPort, a 24-acre project that’s all about local food. Here about it with Caroline Heine on Rusty Satellite.

Look What’s Going on Next Door: Here in Jeffersontown, the nascent nightlife scene is starting to happen. Plans for a new brewpub are in the works on Watterson Trail, and this weekend there’s the J-Walk Music and Bar Hop.  Bearno’s, Loui Loui’s, El Nopal, Ann Marie’s Bacon Bar and Johnny V’s will offer drink specials and live music from 3-11 p.m.

Blues Decision: It’s hard to skip the Blues, Brews and Barbecue Festival at the Water Tower this weekend, especially with local faves Little T&A and V-Groove on the bill.

Rick Redman of Louisville Slugger

Rick Redman of Louisville Slugger

All-Star Week: Baseball’s all-stars are coming to Cincinnati next week, and of course their special bat are being made here. Here’s Rusty alum Rick Redman explaining the process. Click the link below for cool video on it.

I’m Still Trying to Be Nice: But seeing people rally behind this County Clerk in Morehead makes it really difficult. He’s being hailed a hero for refusing to do his job as ordered by the Supreme Court and the Governor. All because he hates the gays. Coming soon to a Moment of Zen near you:


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