This day in Louisville history…94 years ago!

I know we’ve all heard the quote by Margaret Mead ~ and I cringe to use because of its overuse…

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

As volunteers and staff with Metro United Way work almost around the clock during this time of year on the largest charitable campaign in our region, it’s nice to stop and reflect on our beginnings. 

Metro United Way began in 1917 as the Louisville Federation of Social Agencies, the first its kind below the Mason-Dixon line. Brothers Arthur and Charles W. Allen and E.S. Tachau formed the volunteer-driven federation as a way to coordinate solicitations for and support of human service agencies.

The first meeting of the Federation’s board of presidents was on October 25, 1917. Arthur Allen was elected as the chairman, and W. G. Mun was elected as secretary. Charles W. Allen served as the first campaign chair. E.(Emil) S. Tachau was elected as treasurer.

And how far we have come since then! In 2010, 80,000 donors gave over $28 Million to support local efforts serving almost 400,000 individuals  in 7 counties in Kentucky and Indiana.  The backbone of this community are those who are mobilized in their caring through their donations and volunteer hours.

I am humbled and grateful to play my part.

So, as we are full-steam on this campaign, please think about how you can join so many who give year after year to ensure a better future for all – for food, shelter, safety, early childhood education, after-school  programs for kids, services ensuring help and even indepence for frail elderly and those with develomental disabilities, mental health and substance abuse programs, help for cancer patients, and disaster relief  – just to name some of the ways your dollars are used.

I often don’t flat out as for money outside of my work life, but this is my exception – let’s make 2012, the 95th anniversary of Metro United Way, a banner year!!!

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  1. Congratulations Metro United Way for your sucessful 95 years. What a wonderful contribution to our community as you continue to help those in need.

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