The Karen Sypher Story

With coach Rick Pitino ready for his team’s Final Four national semifinal game against Kentucky on Saturday, Karen Sypher is serving a seven-plus year prison sentence for trying to extort the all-time great coach. But Sypher has just released a book title ‘Raped and Railroaded: The Karen Sypher Story.’ Is is a coincidence that the book was released this morning when Rick is preparing Louisville’s Cards for what will be the most important game of their career so far? Of course not – it is as much of a coincidence as the price of the book – the famous “less than 15 seconds” quote has come to bite Pitino in the a** again as the book is priced $14.99!

Sypher was quoted as saying “I’ve obviously had so much time to think and relive – instead of just reliving it in my mind, I started writing it down on paper. How can an innocent person who’s never asked for a penny, taken a penny, be in prison for seven years? Oh my, it’s unbelievable.”

So unbelievable, according to Sypher, that she has claimed that there is a conspiracy against her involving Pitino, the federal trial judge and Sypher’s ex-attorney.

As for Pitino, he will be figuring out how to beat his nemesis, John Calipari in the Final Four. And that’s a long way from the poor judgment by Pitino and criminal acts by Sypher. And Sypher? Well perhaps they will let her watch the game on a portable TV in her cell?

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