TGIF Local Lunch Post – Oil and Vinegar, a Match Made at Primo!

Fresh and fast at Stevens & Stevens.

One of the most tasteful mom ‘n’ pop businesses in town is Primo Oils & Vinegars. Co-owner Bob Hundley steps up to the plate for today’s lunchtime suggestions. His often-professed love for a good meal and a good value is underscored by his appreciation and support of local independent farm markets and fine dining – and everything Louisville and Commonwealth of Kentucky in between.

You can find Beverly Bromley and Bob Hundley in their well-stocked Primo tent at the Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market each Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Beverly is breaking bread and Bob is cracking jokes. The tables are set with sample cups for dipping and sipping.

I partake of a special market communion each weekend by dipping fresh bread into several oils and a few vinegars, letting the elements of blood orange, pomegranate, ginger, wild mushroom and sage inspire pasta and salad plans for the future.

The trees offer shade and the Primo peeps offer good company. Bob’s gregarious boomer humor is always a boost. It would almost seem like a country store gathering until you take in the sophisticated design of the bottles of artfully  infused oils, fruits, vinegars, and spices.

Simple and adventurous recipes and dining experience swirl in the conversations  – picnics to gourmet , traditions old and new. Both the oils and the owners bring it out in every visitor. Tall tales from high school days (and you know that’s key ’round these parts), fish stories, community ramblings, locavore foodie news, and oh, and have you tried the Organic Tuscan Herb infused extra virgin?

Their store  at 3628 Brownsboro Rd on the outskirts of Crescent Hill is a cozy gift and cooking shop as well as a classroom and tasting gallery. You can arrange a private tasting with food and drinks or gather for a workshop  – just contact the welcoming staff. With the motto of “good friends – good tastes – good times” you’re in for a treat.

Whether you find Bob at the Loop on a Saturday,  described by LEO columnist Steven Shaw as “a many-splendored market,” or at the storefront, you’ll savor the banter as well as the products.

Today’s launch into the weekend are a few of Bob’s favorites.

The Uptown Cafe “I’m all over the pasta dishes, especially the shrimp and scallops!”

Stevens & Stevens Deli “For the summertime weather you can’t beat their very generous BLT. Six slices of bacon!”

The Fish House “David  fries fish very well!  Whether it’s Green River or breaded, and his soups are the best. My favorites are the seafood chowder and tomato dill.”

Good to hang with you the market, Bob. You, Beverly, and your staff are part of our Louisville food family!

Thanks to all who support the Louisville Farmer’s Markets in all neighborhoods. Feeding the local economy one salad at a time!



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