TGIF Local Lunch Post – Head East to District 19’s Miller in Middletown

Tell your boss to take the entire office to lunch! ZiLaLa is ready to delight a hungry table - from Empanadas to Flan!

It’s Metro Council Friday and today District 19’s Jerry Miller steps up to the plate. His turf is  part of Jefferson County that goes from upscale shops to down-home gardening, coffee houses to cows, contemporary to historic in any given direction.

District 19 flourishes along the path of 1-60, from Blankenbaker to Eastwood,  where a great number of  local, independent dining establishments are enjoyed as local traditions and make welcome guests from afar. Councilman Miller shares a few of his faves.

My wife and I love to go restaurants serving good food that’s reasonably priced.  When I have a late meeting and want to eat out, we have certain go-to restaurants that always please.

Our long-time favorite is Marks Feed Store.  We each order their “light meals” almost every time – Laura the chicken and me the pulled pork.  The baked beans, apples, slaw and sweet-potatoes – either whole or fries – complete the down-home dining experience.  I remember when their restaurant at Shelbyville Road and Watterson Trail was a feed store.  It was so cool to take my late father there so he could tell me about buying feed there.

Since its opening last year, we also love ZiaLaLa on Shelbyville Road behind the KFC.  They bill themselves as Latin cuisine with a European flair.  We love their beef, chicken or vegetarian empanadas, as well as the paninis.  There are many variations on those themes, so I recommend trying a variety.  For dessert, go with either the flan or other confections they make themselves.  Xiamara and Tony are the perfect hosts.

For a little more upscale experience, we like Peking City Bistro or Jasmine.

Though I lost Anchorage in redistricting, the Village Anchor Pub and Roost is a great place for a libation and their killer sweet-potato fries with the marshmallow dipping sauce.

A few Facebook friends have their forks in the air. Let’s take in their comments:

Mark’s Feed Store! I like their Burgoo.

Havana Rumba opened a restaurant in Middletown on Shelbyville Road this year. It is in District 19. My fave is by far the Cheddar Box Cafe…yum chicken salad with curry, tomato artichoke soup, Derby pasta…to die for. And let’s not forget Jasmine’s Chinese Cuisine…locally owned and she is there all the tim aiming to please.

Cheddar Box next to Paul’s on Shelbyville Road.

I lived off the Tomato Soup at Cottage Cafe on Main Street when I was pregnant and temping in the area. (May have had a LARGE piece of pie or two, just maybe…once or twice.)

Cheddar Box – Pecan cheese torte, spread on good crackers. Yummy!

Havana Rumba!

ZiaLaLa is great.

Love the Cottage Cafe!

We walk to The Fishery sometimes and I love it.

Simply Thai!

I think Mark’s, Cheddar Box, Wick’s, and the Village Anchor together define this area.

Thanks to Councilman Jerry Miller, who also  hosts a cup of kindness in his regularly scheduled  Java with Jerry meet-ups in the neighborhood. Also, a shout out to Legislative Assistant Scott Harrington who sent in his vote for New China their Crab Rangoon and Chicken Lo Mein.

Kudos to all Metro Council Legislative Assistants and they are the first person to greet you, respond to questions and put things into motion when you contact your Councilperson’s office.

Have a great weekend everyone! Nuke those doggy bags tomorrow for lunch. Thanks for supporting local, independent tastes in dining!

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