TGIF Local Lunch Post – District 4: Noshing in Nulu and Beyond

Roam into Proof on Main for the Bison Burger. Photo: Green Olive Media

Hopefully, the stormy weather will not tamper with your lunch plans today. Metro Councilman David Tandy steps up to the plate and has some dining suggestions for the vibrant, historic and culturally diverse District 4.

From the Waterfront to Germantown, Portland to Butchertown, Old Louisville to NULU,  Tandy’s turf is as expansive as it is inviting. With Louisville’s central business district as the  epicenter, District 4 has a lot to offer for local pride and a bustling trade in tourism.

To name only a few gems on the map,  Slugger Field, Portland Museum, The Kentucky CenterThomas Edison House , KFC Yum! CenterNULU. The Muhammad Ali Center  and one over-the-top attraction, literally, Thunder Over Louisville welcome guests from around the block and around the world.

Councilman Tandy offers a few of his favorite dining establishments for a hungry lunch crowd ready to move into the first weekend in March:

At  Los Aztecas for the Chicken Taco Salad. At Proof on Main  it’s the Bison Burger. When in Butchertown it’s The Blind Pig.

Calling upon the hungry Facebook village, I collected a few more lunch time faves:

You definitely owe yourself a trip to Smoketown USA. Go the the smoked pork, stay for the greens — it has to be the best in the city.

Eiderdown is the restaurant Homer’s Daydream is the menu.

Love Baxter Station

Gavi’s Restaurant on 7th, Webb’s Market on Ali, Smokehouse BBQ on Logan

Hammerheads. Crowded, indifferent service, but I am addicted.

Slab of ribs for dinner from Hammerheads on Swan St

Webb’s Market at the corner of Wenzel and Muhammad Ali. It’s a 3rd generation family-owned grocery, which has just become Healthy in Hurry Store

Thanks for supporting local independent dining establishments and markets! Fill a bowl of bounty for Jefferson County!

As for the predicted severe weather, I hope it fizzles out all together but take caution this afternoon. Take your doggy bag to the basement and ride it out.



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  1. Thank you Mr Tandy for the Blind Pig mention !! We’re open for lunch Tue – Sat @ 11:30am and we do take reservations !!

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