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Welcome to the new Home of the “Tandy on the Town” Blog! ( new name? working on it…)

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Follow me and we will chat about Louisville Life, from happenings to personal takes on news, opinions from comrades and much , much more. We like to keep a fun, unique spin on whats going on in the world we live in here in River City! Keeping with true life spirit, you may know that I can be witty, cynical but always wearing my heart on my sleeve. I love Louisville and am thrilled to be a part of the “Pulse of the City”!

Cabo Wabo Logo

Lets talk about one of my favorite events and local charitable groups: Cabo Wabo, and their event this past weekend; The 18th Annual Cabo Wabo coat party Saturday, January 8, held at the Mellwood Arts Center.

The Cabo Wabo group is defined as  (Charity And Benefit Organization, We’re All Better Off)

Cabo Wabo was founded as a fund raising organization to benefit local charities.Their mission is to provide quality entertainment in a festive atmosphere which will in turn provide monetary resources for the needy. By promoting these charities, their goal is to gain public awareness for the less fortunate and to provide them with material goods and a financial conduit for their cause.

the crowd was packed @ the Mellwood Arts Center

The Board of Directors / officers consists of Louisville socialites and business leaders as follows, and others you may know;

John Witten (Louisville, KY)
Mark A Windhorst (Louisville, KY)
Bill DeReamer (Louisville, KY)
Alan Lewis (Louisville, KY)
Terra Jackson
Glenn Smith (Envoy Mortgage, LTD)
Shahrzad Javid (Louisville, KY)
Bob Haner Jr.

Cabo Wabo board members and volunteers

To date CABO WABO has raised the following for charities :
$376, 232.00 Dollars
8892 Coats
350 Teddy Bears

100% Poly and their funky costumes

100% poly throws out the funk- packs the dance floor

The 18th annual Coat Party was bigger and better than ever before!
Musical guest 100% Poly, who in their crazy 70’s inspired Disco attire and cool sounds creates a dance atmosphere like no other.
All proceeds from the night went to benefit the  Indian Summer Camp for Kids with Cancer.

From the Indian Summer Website:

Indian Summer is a loving community that offers an extraordinary opportunity to influence the lives of young, childhood cancer patients. We offer activities not easily provided at home or in medical institutions. The camp becomes an intimate group of caring friends who understand the needs of everyone. The similar circumstances bring an understanding and a growth to the inner spirit. At Indian Summer we offer the experiences of a lifetime and the opportunity to grow, learn, and build self reliance. We teach our campers to enjoy what the wide world of the out-of-doors and friendship have to offer.
Where else can you throw an incredible winter fete’ complete with new goodies like
• Frozen drinks
• Jell-O shots
• Photo ops with THE Cabo Wabo FUN frame
The raffle tickets were a mere $20 and held a chance to win items such as:
Steamboat Springs, CO Trip w/ Cabin Stay (sleeps 10 people)
from March 31-April 6th
AIRFARE for 2 (up to $600.00)
Raffle Tickets only $20 per chance

Be sure to watch for the Annual Cabo Wabo Summer Fling, usually held in one of the airplane hangars @ Bowman Field. Deatils to come!

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  1. Cyndy, welcome aboard. I went to Cabo Wabo, as you know, and it was an awesome winter party.

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