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It’s Spring! But Remember, This Is Louisville, Ky!

This year, instead of checking your Blackberry for weather updates, get outside each day and see if you can tell which of the cold snaps we’re in – locust, redbud, dogwood, blackberry, linen britches, or whippoorwill. And at least until Derby, hold off planting tomatoes or storing your long sleeves away.

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The Blizzard On My Window

By the third snowfall of the season, the love affair with winter was starting to wane.  I had made the first big chili, a slow-cooker roast and had gone through the packets of gourmet hot chocolate. There was nothing left to do but wait for the temps to rise above 50 and bear witness to the eager folks in the Cherokee Triangle rip off all unnecessary clothing and go running, biking and dog walking in the traditional ritual of forcing spring to arrive. And getting sick. So, yes. Boredom was setting in. I peered from my north-facing windows to see…

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Morning Moonwatch

For me, it wasn’t so much the snow last night but the moon this morning! As I posted earlier on Facebook: I know the moon is a great big hulkin’ ball of cheese and craters but this morning, in the beauty of that frigid, delicate turquoise/white sunrise, I see a gentle winter face glancing down. Had I known, as that deep purple sky and its fast-moving clouds at dawn were about to reveal a Waning Gibbous Moon, I would’ve run out into the snow with a camera. The winter skies over Louisville have been wild for the last 24 hours–hanging…