Pam Heilmann and Dan McKee

LouisvilleKY’s Michter’s Distiller Dan McKee To Succeed His Mentor Pamela Heilmann As Michter’s Master Distiller

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With Michter’s Master Distiller Pamela Heilmann’s decision to retire from full time work effective May 1st, Kentucky-based distiller Michter’s is implementing its succession plan. Michter’s Distiller Dan McKee will be elevated to Master Distiller, and Distillery Manager Matt Bell will become Distiller. When the 2019 bottling of Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon goes on sale this May, it will mark the final Michter’s release during Heilmann’s tenure as Master Distiller. “After we hired Pam, she brought over Dan with her from her prior company. It quickly became apparent that he was extraordinarily talented and would…

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Tonight w/ “Discount Guns”: Boot wearin’, hip shakin’, whiskey drinkin’ rock and roll

Who remembers the rockin nights at Tewligan’s back in the day? Has anyone noticed lately that we have a serious lack of out and out,  throw down , rock bars and the bands to fill them? Like the Toy Tiger ( hairbands and all), Tewligan’s, that place somewhere downtown that hosted Southern Culture on the Skids, Butchertown Pub and the old list goes on… Well, I do, but we may have a solution to that tonight. The Haymarket Whiskey Bar is having a soft opening (see Chris Ritter’s post about it here) and the guests should expect a rockin good…