Rusty #5: Nick Weis and Perry Clark on MovieMaking and Marijuana

Again, an action-packed week of stuff going on. I convinced Nick Weis to come by the studios in the Highlands to talk about his documentary called “World’s Greatest Extra”. Nick, at 27, has figured out a way to make a living as a freelance film editor while spending the rest of his time working on this pet project. It’s worth contributing, quickly, to his Kickstarter fund-raising effort. To get my interview with Perry Clark, I went out to his New Cut Road home, where the day before he’d hosted a rally of sorts to promote the passage of a…

Troubling Truths About Vision Louisville

The earth is literally choking on gas fumes; now causing all kinds of climatic chaos: wildfires, droughts, record heat waves, wild fires in the West have destroyed 750,000 houses; flooding that shuts down cities like New York and New Orleans for weeks. We won’t survive as a civilization if cities follow Louisville’s path and projection that cars will double in Louisville in the next 25 years.