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LouisvilleKY based UPS pilots union launches survey of company’s performance in E-commerce

LOUISVILLE, Ky.,/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — UPS pilots, represented by the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), are concerned that UPS’s management has been caught flat-footed by surging e-commerce volume and is now failing to take steps necessary to meet customer demand. “Our pilots see evidence of UPS failing to meet its customer service commitments on a daily basis,” said Capt. Robert Travis, President of the IPA.  The IPA announced today that it has commissioned a professional survey of major shippers to examine UPS service reliability, both domestic and international. “UPS has turned to costly and less reliable aircraft subcontracting with outside carriers in a desperation move…

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UPS pilots get fatigue and rest support from Senator Boxer and Snowe with Safe Skies Act, released today.

In a major move on Capitol Hill today, Senators Boxer and Snowe introduced a Bill to the floor ensuring safe and rested skies above us. Our UPS pilots have long battled the cargo carve out ( or as we call it the exemption from flight fatigue rules). * See the IPA (UPS pilots association court case here and how the FAA admits “faults in their rulemaking”  *Read my former post on the subject here Last December, the FAA enacted a Flight Time and Duty Time rest and fatigue schedule for all commercial passenger pilots. Even though the Cargo Pilots…