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Walking and Talking the Big Four and Media

The city’s collective news media, now fully distracted by basketball, seems content to look away from the violence brought by a mob of 200 that started at Waterfront Park March 22. No one, with the possible exception of WHAS Radio’s Terry Meiners, is asking the right people the difficult questions about unruly 11-year-olds roaming the streets and scaring regular folks from even coming downtown. I wrote about this for Insider Louisville, which added a poll that says its readers, (at least 77% of them), don’t think local media has done a good job of covering the issue. I also talked…

Bracket Distractions — Arts and Business and Politics

It’s always good to have some friends who don’t pay attention to the same things you do — it offers perspective. What’s important to you (whether U of will be a #2 seed or #3 seed in the NCAA bracket) is like speaking a foreign language, I’m guessing, to someone like Les Waters, the artistic director at Actors’ Theatre and my guest on the Rusty Satellite Show this week.

Paradis on Worm Poop; Bar Belle Drinks it up on Rusty 16

This week Rusty ventured into NuLu to talk local foods and farms with Steve Paradis, and had a cold one with LEO Weekly’s Sara Havens, who brought good news about the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards.  And I have things to say about the U of L Lacrosse coach, the state’s handshake rules for high schoolers, and Malcolm Gladwell’s new book. Read more at the Rusty Satellite Show  

Rusty #6 with Brendan McCarthy and Marianne Zickuhr

Starting off, here’s a big thank you — to Diane Williamson, the area’s phenomenal voice talent, for giving the Rusty Satellite Show some free voice promos. That’s her doing the intros on today’s show.She’s gotten some pretty cool clients, not the least impressive of which is being the voice of OnStar — “Your vehicle is disabled. Don’t Panic. Help is on the way.” My interview with Brendan McCarthy started another week full of media news. This piece in Insider Louisville got a lot of attention for its chronicling the outflow of warm bodies at Sixth and Broadway, while LPM is…

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Pitino’s without the Fab Five in New Orleans

After Louisville won the 2013 championship the NCAA Coach Rick Pitino told the media they were denied a chance to go and support the Women’s Team by the NCAA, who cited it as an extra benefit. After that, it looked like the team would be forced to watch the game on their campus. Then, after much pressure, the NCAA said it was prepared to help the team get there. So Pitino and his staff flew to New Orleans on Tuesday, but without the team that won the National Championship the day before. Although the team wanted to support the school’s…

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Russdiculous Transfers away from Pitino

Russ leaves Pitino   Rick Pitino’s 3-year-old colt honoring Russ Smith, Louisville’s favorite basketball player was dropped in for a maiden $30,000 claiming race at Santa Anita Thursday. The $145,000 auction purchase last year finished second and was claimed out of the race for the $30,000. After losing 4 times in maiden special weight company, you have to wonder whether  the real Russ Smith may have been able to do better.     Before feeling too sorry for Rick, remember that The University of Louisville Athletic Association, Inc.  extended his contract through the 2021-22 season, adding five years to his existing agreement and…

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New Soccer Stadium Vision Confirmed with donation

The 5,300-seat stadium, which will be named the Dr. Mark and Cindy Lynn Stadium, will have a 15,500-square-foot training center with identical locker rooms for the U of L men’s and women’s soccer teams. It is expected to be completed in September 2014 and will be located at Floyd Street and Byrne Avenue.

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Denny’s Wall of Fame

The new Denny Crum Hometown Hero mural is up downtown on Main Street, featuring Crum coaching during his 500th coaching victory, on his way to a Hall of Fame total of 675.  That’s then-assistant coach Scott Davenport behind the rolled-up program on his left. So who do you think should be next up?The name I hear most often, and who may be most deserving, is Hunter S. Thompson. Maybe I just think that one would be cool Here’s a list of the posters around town brought to you by the Greater Louisville Pride Foundation. —    Muhammad Ali (Installed April 2002)…

Speed Museum Re-affirmed as amongst the Best in Nation

Locals and members especially may not have needed the folks at the American Association of Museums (AAM) to tell them what they already knew about Louisville’s beloved Speed Art Museum, but the years-long effort to renew its “gold seal” accreditation, and thereby reaffirm its position among the very best in the country, represents both a major boon for the institution and its many programs, as well as national recognition for the Museum’s continued high standards and commitment to their public trust. Ford W. Bell, AAM President commented, “by achieving re-accreditation, the Speed Museum has again demonstrated that it not only…