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As the TV Turns, Change is Coming

You’d think there’d be plenty of local news watching going on during the just-concluded July TV ratings period. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t wait to see what bizarre crime will be perpetrated next. Today is just run-of-the-mill stuff — a 40-year-old woman in PRP who hosted a party for her teenage son and 150 of his friends in which pot and alcohol were present; the basic “cocaine in an inmate’s underwear” story; a guy who may or may not have had help from an employee as he held up a Jeffersontown hotel for $194; a Park Hill shooting…

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UK a TV Hit Here and Everywhere

The big question is — was anybody not watching the game Saturday night? I sure expected the Kentucky – Connecticut game to be a ratings giant locally, but the 42.6 rating/62 share that the game got locally was off the charts.  Last week’s game with North Carolina was the second-highest rating locally in history,  according to WLKY’s Glenn Haygood, and it only got a 36.9. Nationally, the game certainly won its time period, posting a number as high as 5.4, paltry compared with the local number, but the tournament’s overall numbers are better than they’ve been in years. Prior to…

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We Have a Local Ratings Winner, and Losers

No one (except reports them any more, and technology has created a world in which these four times a year sweeps periods aren’t the only times you can find out who’s winning in local ratings wars.  TV ratings are still important to local stations, though, even if it’s only for bragging rights. And there won’t be much bragging going on in local newsrooms as a result of February’s numbers, except at WLKY-TV. Let’s look at some dayparts and results for local news programs. EARLY MORNING: I still don’t see the value in coming on the air at 4:30, but…