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Meet Another ‘Invisible Bicyclist’ – Alan Sweeny II – car-free and loving it

Alan couldn’t have picked a harder time to go car-free. He admits the past winter’s weather was a big challenge, but he has made a game of it. “It’s really not that bad. In fact, it’s rewarding. Every time I get to work it’s a fun to look back at what I went through to get there,” he said. Overcoming the elements gives him a sense of victory.

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Riding to the National Bike Summit

On Saturday morning I’m heading out on the back roads by bike for the first 130 miles of my journey to the National Bike Summit. At Union Station I’ll load my bike on the Amtrak Cardinal to D.C. Follow my trip here on “The Pulse of the City.” Also check my posts on facebook and twitter. On Thursday, I’ll be joining bicycling advocates from across the nation on Capitol Hill to remind our leaders in the House and Senate that there’s a simple solution to many of the problems that rob Americans of their health, wealth and strength. A…