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From Champion to the Captain – Fantastic

Weather Forecast: Rain. Cold. Wind. Get over it. The best seat for Thunder may be in front of your TV.  The broadcast is on WLKY-TV. Champion Weatherman: When I first heard that the best the Derby Festival could do for a They’re Off luncheon speaker was an ABC weather reporter,  it was disappointing. But Sam Champion made it to the broadcasting big leagues through stations in Lexington and Paducah, so I’m a little more interested.  Still, it seems a step down from Magic Johnson, Dr. J and Dick Vitale (who was in town last night). At least they serve Mint…

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Dog-Gone it, A Super Bowl Tie Would be Great

We got off to quite a start to the week yesterday here at LouisvilleKYcom.  First, a brief post on a typo made at WLKY got picked up by the national sports blog Deadspin, and then several other national sites, so we are officially on the map.  And I had to remove my first comment for being too profane, and stupid. And then there were first posts by some of my favorite writers — musician Brigid Kaelin and journalist Jackie Bentley. And the coolest neighborhood reporter, the original Bon Air Observer, told us about the sordid murderous Rai family that owns…

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Trader Joe’s… another reason to Love Louisville?

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a Trader Joes but I’ve heard plenty about them! In fact a roar of approval went up around my office today when we read that they might be considering Louisville as an expansion city. The two operative words here “read” and “might”. Now follow this…. The Courier Journal’s Chris Otts’ quoted a Business first story by John Karman that “Several sources, who asked not to be identified, have told Business First that the Monrovia, Calif.-based chain — one of the hottest retailers in the country — plans to bring a store to Shelbyville Road…