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The WEEK says Happy Thanksgiving Louisville KY!

Happy Turkey Day Louisvillians! Here’s some news, and a podcast, and Paul Thorn’s ode to family as we remember that, you know, we’ve got it pretty good around here. There’s plenty of tidbits for you from Rusty Satellite alumni and local media folks: Owen Rides Off: Metro Councilman Tom Owen told me it wouldn’t take him long to decide, and one week after his Rusty Satellite Show appearance the 76-year-old Louisville legend said he’s not up for another election, prompting a lot of Highlands residents to think about running. Happy Trails to Tom. Janelle Chooses Family: WAVE-TV’s anchor Janelle MacDonald…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: A Big Movie, Bibles, Bridges and Brains and Bull – and a Moose

There was a lot to do this week as I prepared for some sitting-around time post-surgery, and it seemed there was some urgency around town too. It’ll Probably Take 40 Days and 40 Nights: Now that we’ve got a religious conservative heading to the Governor’s Mansion, most folks think it won’t take long for Matt Bevin to restore state tax incentives for the Ark Park in northern Kentucky. Last year, the state tourism cabinet revoked $18 million in tax credits because the Park wouldn’t say it would hire anybody who wasn’t a Christian, and the state doesn’t support religious ideas….


THE WEEK: Staying Up Late, Girl Talk and Walking the Trail

Yes, we’ve had some fun this week in Louisville KY. Let’s review: Late Nights in the City: It’s said that nothing good ever happens after 2, so Councilman Tom Owen’s push to close bars at 2 a.m. might make sense to some. But late-night partying is among the city’s charms, and would adversely affect the economics of things, like the new Loui Loui’s carryout spot down in the Highlands. Prediction — this one go anywhere. Inspiring for Girls: Jennifer Lawrence gets a 30 x 40 foot banner in her hometown Saturday. The new Hometown Hero poster goes up at the…

Metro Council Begins to Address Airbnb-Type Rentals

Louisville – The Metro Council’s Public Safety Committee will hold a special meeting on Friday, June 19th at 11:00am to begin review and discussion of proposed regulations for short term rentals in Metro Louisville. “I want to make sure we have a thorough discussion and that all parties involved have a chance to participate as we move forward,” says Councilman David Yates (D-25) who chairs the committee. “We want to ensure that Metro Louisville keeps up with technology and the changing economy but we must also consider our established businesses as well.” In March, the Metro Council approved a resolution…

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Hanging on a Street Corner with my Local Councilman

Living in a nice, friendly neighborhood is great, but I often forget how many of us still hole up in our homes, giving barely a nod to acknowledge passers-by or other neighbors. It’s not as bad as when I lived in New York, but it’s still easy to live anonymously — or at least pretend that you are. This morning I had a nice reminder that we share our living areas. I was out with a cup of decaf (watch out, world!) gathered on a street corner at 7:30 am with several neighbors and our friendly Councilman, the ubiquitous Tom…

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King of the Caucus Takes the Heat on B&B Law

I showed up the Democratic Caucus meeting of the Metro Council on Thursday, just in time to hear some really bad singing of Happy Birthday for Tina Ward-Pugh. The Caucus meetings, though, are a way better way to hear what’s really going on, because it’s in the Caucus meeting that the real debate takes place before the cameras come on at the actual meetings. And yesterday the hot topic was the ordinance restricting what the 15 Bed & Breakfasts in town are allowed to do with their property. Most of these businesses operate quietly in Old Louisville, a point made…

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Got Two Cents on the Iron Quarter? Councilman Tom Owen Ponders

I always respect my Council representative for his near immediate responses to  constituent’s questions and needs. He is passionate about Louisville and one of the most accessible leaders in Metro Government. I know that he is a Voice for the city as well as our Highlands community, which has enough history in a few square miles to make any preservationist proud and enough dining, pubs and retail business to inspire locals and impress any city. It took a few rounds of email and here are Tom Owen’s two cents: My first blush thoughts: Someone from the Louisville Downtown Development Commission–over…