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Mayor Fischer gives LouisvilleKY a progress report

Louisville, KY., – Last week, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer gave his State of the City address and released a “Progress Report” for 2017. The following is his letter announcing the report and a link to the report, itself: Letter from Mayor Fischer: Our city is going through a tremendous renaissance in job growth, construction and educational attainment. We have earned a host of accolades from around the world as a city on the move, because we offer a unique combination of economic opportunity, great quality of life, signature tourist attractions and the zeal to create a community where everyone in…

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Rotary Club Reluctant to Help Mayor Help Teens

At his State of the City address  on Thursday, Mayor Greg Fischer spoke briefly about the Youth Opportunity Showcase, a summer jobs program for teenagers. The program began in 2006, under Mayor Jerry Abramson’s leadership. It seeks to provide 1,000 of Louisville’s teenagers with jobs. In the original release, the goal of the program was to provide teens with “positive activities,” “job skills,” and to help “build resumes.” Oh, and also, to keep those rabble rousers off the street. Darned rowdy teenagers. Mayor Fischer’s speech was given to the Rotary Club. With a room full of Presidents, CEO’s, and other…