State of the City Address

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Mayor Fischer: State of the City is strong; LouisvilleKY is well-positioned for the future

Louisville, KY., – Delivering his ninth annual State of the City address from the Muhammad Ali Center on The Champ’s birthday, Mayor Greg Fischer has challenged the community to have the same courage, vision and determination that made Ali one of the most beloved, respected and well-known people the world has ever seen. The Mayor noted that Ali came of age at a time of great change and “refused to let the world dictate what his life could be,” making him a great role model today, “because this is another moment of great change: in society, in technology, and in…

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Get Out Your Hatchet—It’s Budget-Cuttin’ Time

Mayor Greg Fischer gave his State of the City Address today at the Galt House. His speech began optimistically enough, taking the opportunity to highlight a few of his first year’s achievements—the preservation of Whiskey Row, new job creation and smart phone apps that deliver public safety announcements. He also spoke about the BEAM project: Mayor Fischer and Mayor Gray of Lexington, with their powers combined, plan to create an advanced manufacturing super-region. Muah-ha-ha! And of course, the bridges project had to have at least a few minutes in the limelight. But the real meat of Fischer’s address focused on…