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Louisville Ky’s Chamber Chief sounds off on expanded gaming

By: Kent Oyler, President & CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. We have waited long enough; the time is now for Kentucky lawmakers to take action and generate additional revenue by allowing casino gaming.  GLI keeps bringing up this important policy initiative because it makes sense for business and it makes sense for Kentucky taxpayers. Every year the Commonwealth stands idly by while $546 million in gaming tax revenue gush outward across our state lines. These are dollars that could be going to shore up the budget and fund our significant pension obligations but are instead spent in Indiana, Ohio, Missouri,…


Louisville Ky chamber calls for expanded gaming amendment

GLI Backs Expanded Gaming Amendment (Frankfort, KY) – Speaking with bipartisan support on Tuesday at the Capitol, Greater Louisville Inc. once again urged support for an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution that would allow for expanded gaming.   “Every year the Commonwealth continues to see hundreds of millions of dollars flow across state lines in gaming revenue: $546 million to be exact,” said GLI President and CEO Kent Oyler.  “These are dollars that could be going toward our state deficit and our significant pension obligations.”   GLI is backing an amendment introduced by Senator Morgan McGarvey (D-Louisville) and co-filed by…