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Weekend in Edinburgh: Whisky, Wine, and Mead.

I love being a tourist, whether in my hometown, my adopted home, or actually on holiday. The past several days I spent running around Edinburgh entertaining houseguests, new friends, old friends, and myself. Here are some of the highlights, all of which included a taste of something alcoholic. If that’s not your thing, just look at the pretty pictures and move on. This week will be full of water and vegetables, but, for now, sin: The Edinburgh Christmas Market: The locals try to convince you that winter is unbearable in Scotland. I’m still convinced it’s nothing like an NYC or…

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Travelogue from Scotland … Isle of Skye and live music.

Travelogue from the United Kingdom tour: I read an article about, um, me, having “gone international,” which I think is funny since I’ve been focusing most of my touring on the UK for the past three years. It’s nothing against America. I love any chance to travel, but I admit that playing music is more fun over here. There is some sort of reverence for musicians that just isn’t found in the United States. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned respect for the troubadour lifestyle, or maybe it’s a love of storytelling. Whatever it is, it’s really nice to be on stage…