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Sokoler Report on Home Sales in Louisville KY Shows Positive Trends Now

Bob Sokoler, the television personality turned realtor, has released this video about the current real estate market for Louisville. He’s also come up with another technology advantage — a 3D camera that offers more and better views of the homes he’s selling. According to Bob’s numbers, home sales in Louisville were up 8.2 percent in March compared with the same time period a year ago. In that same time period, March’s number of homes under contract jumped 20 percent. He says mortgage interest rates are down, under 4 percent, and that banks are more anxious to lend. He says the…

Check Out Ben Sollee On Tour with New Music

Ben Sollee has released some great new music, and is touring the country. The Lexington native (hear his Rusty Satellite interview here) is on tour through March and April. Here’s the latest from Sollee himself about his new collection, called Steeples Part One. Over the last two years I’ve been slowly working on a new collection of songs for you. Between touring and other projects I’d dip in to the studio to create and make. Now, I’m excited to share with you the first chapter, Steeples Part One. As you all know, I run a small, very independent operation here in…

Have a Rusty Little Christmas

It’s three days until Christmas, and I’ve only got a few more gifts to get. I found the perfect time for shopping this weekend. I showed up at Target on Saturday night. It wasn’t crowded at all. First, I figured the whole data breach scare would keep a lot of paranoid shoppers away from that store. Then I went during a tornado/thunderstorm warning, about 10 p.m. Those two factors combined to create a situation in which I had the place almost to myself. I left in time to pop into Dick’s Sporting Goods just before it closed at 11. Of…

More Interesting Guests for Rusty — John Nation and Steve Coomes

I was a little worried about taking a portrait of John Nation, who has only done a few thousand really professional shots of all sorts of famous people during three-plus decades as a professional photographer. Thankfully, he suggested the pose here outside the studios with his most recent project, 100 Fascinating Louisville Women.

Listen Up — Eric Crawford in Studio, Tyler Allen in Transit with Rusty

If you haven’t driven around downtown lately, I recommend you call up Tyler Allen and let him whip you through the bridge construction debris and listen in as he tells you about all the mistakes made along the way, how Jerry Abramson insulted him and how he really believed the city would adopt the interstate-dismantling 8664 plan.

Better to Talk Bats and Bourbon

This week’s Rusty Satellite Show gave me a chance to visit the Derby Museum for a mid-afernoon bourbon tasting. Fred Minnick definitely knows his whiskey, and it got him a cool new job over there as “bourbon Authority.” The Derby Museum, attempting to capitalize on the popularity of bourbon, has created a special room for Fred’s bourbon education classes, which ought to be fun for all those tourists more curious about drinking than horses. My other guest is an old friend – Rick Redman. We’ve had a good time accepting compliments for each other for many years. He does PR…

Paradis on Worm Poop; Bar Belle Drinks it up on Rusty 16

This week Rusty ventured into NuLu to talk local foods and farms with Steve Paradis, and had a cold one with LEO Weekly’s Sara Havens, who brought good news about the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards.  And I have things to say about the U of L Lacrosse coach, the state’s handshake rules for high schoolers, and Malcolm Gladwell’s new book. Read more at the Rusty Satellite Show  

Hear All About It From Jerry Miller and John Cosby

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE I’m a little late posting this, but then again, you were probably too busy with a great Louisville weekend to listen to the Rusty Satellite Show. You can check out the show, and have it delivered every week, for free with iTunes. I do know the show’s audience is growing, and I appreciate all of you who have given me feedback on my little audio experiment. This week’s talk with Metro Councilman Jerry Miller is worth hearing, as he clears things up a little bit on the misguided attempt by West End Council members to…