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Interest Rates Continue to Drop in Louisville Real Estate Market

The Louisville real estate market is being driven by one key factor right now. Here’s what I’m talking about. Before I tell you all about our recent client appreciation party out at Slugger Field, I wanted to give you a quick update on the Louisville real estate market. As you can see in the chart at 0:21 in the video above, in less than a year, interest rates have dropped almost 1.5%. This is driving the market and keeping plenty of buyers around. There continues to be a good supply of homes in the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. However,…

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Market Report – Interest Rates Declining, Homes Are Selling Quickly

No matter what happens with my condo in Clifton, I may be in the market soon to sell some stuff — including furniture, some kitchen gadgets and more. So I may take Bob Sokoler’s advice and offer up those items on Facebook Marketplace. But Bob’s latest video is interesting in another way – thanks to lower interest rates, buyers are still hungry to make a move despite prices that are steadily climbing. It’s no longer unusual to see houses come on the market and have contracts within hours — I experienced it myself over the weekend. In one case, the…

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Louisville is Rated a Top City for First Time Homebuyers

A recent report put out by website Livability, has just named Louisville among the top cities for first time home buyers. The report focused on the affordability of homes, resale home value, purchasing programs available to first-time buyers, and the overall quality of life in an area. Louisville came in at number 7 on the list of great places to live for first-time buyers. Louisville earned the number 7 spot with a housing affordability index of 80.5; meaning that 80.5 percent of the homes in the area are within an affordable price range for families in the area earning the local…