Rand Paul

Rand Paul Set to Announce Presidential Campaign in Louisville KY

Rand Paul, the U.S. Senator from Kentucky, is expected to announce his candidacy for the Presidency at the Galt House in Louisville today at Noon.  Over the rest of the week, he plans to barnstorm the four early voting states — New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada — in a “Stand with Rand” tour. He released the video here in advance of the announcement, which mixes news clips from sources as diverse as Newt Gingrich and Jon Stewart. “On April 7, one leader will stand up to defeat the Washington machine and unleash the American Dream” reads the screen in…

Bracket Distractions — Arts and Business and Politics

It’s always good to have some friends who don’t pay attention to the same things you do — it offers perspective. What’s important to you (whether U of will be a #2 seed or #3 seed in the NCAA bracket) is like speaking a foreign language, I’m guessing, to someone like Les Waters, the artistic director at Actors’ Theatre and my guest on the Rusty Satellite Show this week.

Occupy Louisville sets Sights on Mitch McConnell

The Louisville Metro Council is still in the process of finalizing a new permit for Occupy Louisville’s continued presence at their Founder’s Square stomping-grounds, but the Derby City’s own Occupy Wall St-alligned “99%-ers” are already moving on to the next matter of business. The group is organizing a special protest titled “Occupy Mitch McConnell”, to be held outside the Senate Majority Leader’s office at the Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse this Friday (February 3rd) at noon. Senator McConnell has earned a personal day of protest as part of a nationwide ‘call to action’ against the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed into…

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Election 2011; What Does It Mean?

Well, to the surprise of no one in Kentucky, Steve Beshear has been re-elected Governor by a landslide. In fact, on the surface, Democrats seemed to sweep the statewide races with only two exceptions. Republican James Comer easily defeated Bob Farmer to win the office of Agriculture Commissioner. BUT, the GOP has to be kicking itself a bit today because it missed a golden opportunity to knock off Todd Hollenbach in the Treasurer’s race. Relative newcomer K.C. Crosbie lost by a one percent margin. She had very little support from a state party that seemed hell-bent on backing other candidates,…

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To Sen. Rand Paul – Dude, Follow Up On Your Oath!

After all, sidewalks and bikeways are basically a matter of public health, safety and national security, all of which our leaders have sworn to protect and defend. When my roadways are unsafe for walking and cycling, my elected officials prove themselves guilty of malpractice and breach of their sworn duty to protect and defend my life, liberty and safety.

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Election 2011? BORING!!!

Yes I said it! BORING me to tears! Not just the Kentucky Governor’s race but all the other statewide elections as well. No one candidate has risen to the top or caused so much as a ripple of controversy. While most voters say that’s just fine with them, it won’t do much for voter turnout come November. Despite what citizens and voters all claim, they do like candidates with a little spice in their elections. So far David Williams and Steve Beshear have managed to muster one gigantic yawn from me and most of the voting pubic as they run…

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Bunning: Williams “Hard To Like” Good One Jim!

Pot, meet kettle. Former Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning says GOP gubernatorial candidate David Williams just is not a very likeable guy. This from a man who courted hostile press coverage like Hugh Hefner scopes out 22-year-old blondes. The likeability factor aside, Bunning did formally endorse Williams over the weekend, saying Williams had always been there for him in the past when he needed help, and now it’s his turn to help. A noble turn of phrase, but probably too late to do Williams any good. What DW could really use is a little help from Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and…

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Pigs, Donkeys, Elephants – All’s Fair in Pork and Politics

    A good, salty time was had by all at the 48th Country Ham Breakfast held at the Kentucky State Fair on August 25.  The two-pronged agenda, to raise funds and cholesterol, is put together by Kentucky Farm Bureau and a slew of farmers, with the finale belonging to only one little pig. What is the criteria for those Commonwealth Farms, you may ask? The annual event has been feeding politicians and regular folks  since 1964, raising more than $5.6 million dollars for charity. This year, the 16-pounder was auctioned off for the second year in a row to Republic Bank. They took the little…

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Yarmuth to Run Again, Hoping Mitch and Rand Walk

On Wednesday evening, August 24, the reception hall  of 147 patient Metro DEMS waited an extra 20 minutes to hear the annual late summer delivery from 3rd District John Yarmuth–and oh, it was so worth it. Entering the Metro Democratic Club gathering  from  the 95 degree heat in rolled up sleeves and a grin – the classic Yarmuth portrait – he was running at his heavily-booked  Louisville pace yet took an hour and a half to deliver both praise and punch for both the Commonwealth and the status quo for Washington DC, then entered a round of Q&A from club…

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How to Be Famous, Cheerleader Edition

So now we can add rain to the list of reasons public school administrators will, without hesitation, delay school. But the severe weather that occurred this morning around 4 exposed a more serious problem. The MetroSafe warning system failed and no sirens wailed when they should have. I heard WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold discussing his conversation with MetroSafe’s Doug Hamilton today, telling Joe Elliott that the failure was, as yet, unexplainable. A Bartman Moment, Almost: Nobody was pulling harder for Pittsburgh to miss that last 3-pointer in overtime yesterday than U of L cheerleader Jordan Alcazar grabbed the basketball before time…