Occupy Louisville Protesters Arrested During Demonstration

Five members of Occupy Louisville were arrested today during a demonstration staged outside of a Chase Bank branch in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville. LMPD is offering very limited comments as of yet, but there was reportedly a hearing scheduled for 6:00pm this evening. LIVE UPDATES.

Occupy Louisville sets Sights on Mitch McConnell

The Louisville Metro Council is still in the process of finalizing a new permit for Occupy Louisville’s continued presence at their Founder’s Square stomping-grounds, but the Derby City’s own Occupy Wall St-alligned “99%-ers” are already moving on to the next matter of business. The group is organizing a special protest titled “Occupy Mitch McConnell”, to be held outside the Senate Majority Leader’s office at the Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse this Friday (February 3rd) at noon. Senator McConnell has earned a personal day of protest as part of a nationwide ‘call to action’ against the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), signed into…

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I Was There: Occupy Louisville

A sign posted at the edge of camp. On Thursday, I went down to Occupy Louisville for the solidarity rally. The rally was across the street from City Hall, at 6th and Jefferson. The people gathered were buzzing about the attacks on protesters in other cities–yet here in Louisville, the police were absent. Occupy Louisville and LMPD have not had any issues. In fact, the only officers we saw were overseeing traffic redirection for the decoration of the city for the holidays! This video was actually shot the second time we sang, since so many more people arrived. We started…

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What is Occupy Wall Street?

I’m seeing a lot of misunderstanding going around about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps it’s willful, perhaps it’s not. But anyhow, I decided to share the thoughts of a couple of my favorite Internet Personages to help explain what this movement is about. First, Holly explains what the movement is, how the movement is being organized, and why this movement is different from Ye Goode Ole Protest: It struck me as a very different kind of protest than any other I’ve seen.  Because it encompasses so many issues–healthcare, education, war, corporate personhood, national debt, jobs–and yet the central one is…

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Protest to be Held Outside Paul’s Louisville Office

All the excitement from Wisconsin and Indiana is spreading to Derby City. Tomorrow at noon, protesters will gather downtown, outside of Rand Paul’s Louisville office, to protest budget cuts, and the union-busting bills currently sweeping the country. “We’re here today to protest Rand Paul’s support of the Republicans’ incredibly dangerous proposed cuts to the budget,” said Kelley Rouda, one of the organizers of the event. “At a time when millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, it doesn’t make sense to cut programs that working families depend on. Instead, we should invest in America by making corporations and…