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Bachelor Party Extravaganza!!!

We’re back into full-on wedding mode.  We took a little break from planning…a little too long of a break maybe.  We’re now in the homestretch of the final details.  Brigid loves details, and I prefer to just assume that they will take care of themselves.  Needless to say my reassurance that as long as she and I and the judge show up “everything will be fine” is not too effective.  We’re actually trying really hard to remember that this is supposed to be an adventure. So, in the spirit of adventures, this weekend is my bachelor party!  At first I wasn’t…

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KY Derby in Texas this year, show updates, and playing accordion with Suzy Bogguss.

After 18 hours and thirty-three minutes in my Mom’s Camry yesterday, two books, and several podcasts, I am in Texas. You may wonder what a good Kentucky girl is doing away from Kentucky on DERBY WEEKEND. I am wondering the same thing. I turned down gigs with Love Jones, at the Mint Jubilee, and several fancy schmancy parties because we’d already made these Texas plans … but I’m not looking back. I’ll just watch on TV. Thankfully, I remember my password, and we’re throwing a Derby Party here in Texas. It’s a throwback to my college days in New…