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LouisvilleKY drivers: Registration holds for tolls begin this week

Thousands have paid tolls and fees owed LOUISVILLE, Ky.  – Thousands of drivers in Indiana and Kentucky have paid tolls owed to the two states, via RiverLink, and will avoid having a hold placed on their vehicle registration. A registration hold is placed when a toll is not paid after repeated notices. The first holds are expected to be placed this week. Drivers will not be allowed to renew their vehicle registration until tolls and fees owed are paid in full.   Since RiverLink recently announced pending registration holds, nearly 6,500 drivers have paid tolls and fees owed in full. Those drivers…

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LouisvilleKY drivers face registration holds for unpaid tolls

Registration cannot be renewed when repeated notices are unpaid   LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Oct. 10, 2017) – Drivers in Indiana and Kentucky who owe tolls to the two states, via RiverLink, will have a hold placed on their vehicle registration when a toll is not paid after repeated notices. Drivers will not be allowed to renew their vehicle registration until tolls and fees owed are paid in full.   A hold is placed on a vehicle registration after a toll is unpaid, and at least four RiverLink toll notices have been sent to the customer. The first notice, second notice, violation notice and…

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LouisvilleKY’s East End Crossing opens December 18

  Photos from East End Crossing’s Facebook page   December 5, 2016 – The East End Crossing portion of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges project is scheduled to open to traffic Sunday, December 18 following an afternoon ribbon-cutting ceremony with project officials and a public caravan across the new bridge. The long-anticipated 8 ½ miles of new road connects the eastern edge of suburban Louisville and an area just east of Jeffersonville, Ind. with its centerpiece 2,500-foot cable-stay bridge reaching across the Ohio River. Because of a lack of public parking and limited accessibility to the area, space at the…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Thurby, Furby, Derby and Strange Tales of the Track

Happy Derby! So much to tell you, so much to do. I spent much of Thursday driving for Uber and Lyft (click links for free rides), meeting out-of-towners from places like Utah and California, amazed at our trees and the fact that the kids are out of school for Oaks. Also, Churchill Downs hosted a wonderful media gathering, and the Oaks Eve Bash out at Woodhaven was a big success.  And here are some things I’m hearing: Two Shot: Just my opinion, but when WAVE and WDRB sent out “News Alerts” yesterday that a shooting had occurred near the Pegasus…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: A Big Movie, Bibles, Bridges and Brains and Bull – and a Moose

There was a lot to do this week as I prepared for some sitting-around time post-surgery, and it seemed there was some urgency around town too. It’ll Probably Take 40 Days and 40 Nights: Now that we’ve got a religious conservative heading to the Governor’s Mansion, most folks think it won’t take long for Matt Bevin to restore state tax incentives for the Ark Park in northern Kentucky. Last year, the state tourism cabinet revoked $18 million in tax credits because the Park wouldn’t say it would hire anybody who wasn’t a Christian, and the state doesn’t support religious ideas….

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Rusty Fires it Up for UK, with Coach Mac and JYBIII

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RUSTY SATELLITE SHOW #12 HERE Every week, the first idea I get for this post is. . . What a week! But that would be bad writing, and give you no idea what I would really be writing about. Still, it was quite a week. I admit to getting pretty fired up when I have Rusty Satellite guests with something to say, and you’d have be an avowed pessimist to spend time with Cardinals baseball coach Dan McDonnell and not feel a little better about the world. McDonnell is a true motivator who uses tools,…

My Crash Course in the ORBP Part 1

I went to the Holliday Inn on Hurstbourne Parkway last night as a boy of a correspondent, generally aware of the implications of the public forum on the Ohio RIdges River Project but somehow expecting to remain unblemished by the circus at hand. I left as a man…. with a headache.

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Benny is Building Weirdness on Bridges Debate

A hundred years from now, when locals talk about how they almost screwed up the waterfront by covering it with lanes and lanes of interstate and tried to build unneeded bridges across the Ohio, Benny Breeze will be an interesting footnote. He’s the star of a new media campaign financed by pro-Bridge forces that is in the process of offending African-Americans under the guise of raising awareness (huh?) about the importance of the $2.9 billion boondoggle. Here’s Benny:   But give the LEO story a read to understand the bizarre-ness of it all. Here’s a portion: . . . Benny…

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Bridge Toll Opposition Reloads

Even as a two-day forum on the Ohio River Bridges Project was wrapping up, with all right people saying all the right things while failing to come up with anything new, one of the staunchest groups of opponents of the project is planning a new public relations push. Organizers of the Bridges Forum seem to believe that hammering home to the public, over and over, about how important the projects are will somehow make it true.  So they trotted out Rick Pitino and John Calipari, and got 800 people in a room to listen. But the crowd was mostly made…

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Adjusting to a City Without Strippers

U of L’s Wednesday game got top billing on ESPN last night, and the Cards showed future opponents how to beat them — denying the three and playing intense, hand-in-your-face defense.  Check out Gabe’s piece.  Not mentioned during the game broadcast: Karen Sypher, who seems, maybe, to have run out of rope and will be sentenced tomorrow.  Experts say she goes to the pokey for 5 years, minimum. Unhappy in Overalls: Fox41 found some farmers willing to go on camera to complain about Louisville’s new no-nudity ordinance.  300,000 people here for the Farm Machinery Show. Quote from a guy in…