Occupy Wall Street

DCFF ’12: Festival Best Doc Calls for Real American ‘Bailout’

All of us gamble everyday and when we lose, we lose. But when banks gamble? Well, that’s different. With previous projects taking him to Lebanon and South Sudan, Director Sean Fahey was by no means a stranger to tragedy. And yet never expected find it so readily, both down the street and across the country. The story of what he describes as the, “ghettoizing of our entire nation,” alongside the hopelessness left in its wake, ‘Bailout’ is not just a portrait of greed but also a flesh-and-blood accounting of the victims. Equal parts booze-fueled road-trip, heart-torquing exposé and jaw-grinding indictment of corporate corruption, the 2012 Derby City Film Festival Best Documentary explores the lives of Americans, “in all stages of being screwed by Wall Street,” while detailing a coherent and painfully understandable argument for how and why it both originated and persists. Fahey jokes that sometimes the weight is such that he wishes he could, “go back a year and just take the blue pill,” but ultimately asserts that, “Wall Street can’t lose unless we do something about it.”

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‘OCCUPY BIKE SEATS’ Could Give Movement Needed Traction

The world looks on and wonders aloud, “Where is the Occupy movement headed?” It might help first to know what the heck the Occupy movement is – beyond the collective frustration of 99 percent of the population feeling ripped off by the ruling one percent. Here’s an answer that could give Occupy some momentum.

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I Was There: Occupy Louisville

A sign posted at the edge of camp. On Thursday, I went down to Occupy Louisville for the solidarity rally. The rally was across the street from City Hall, at 6th and Jefferson. The people gathered were buzzing about the attacks on protesters in other cities–yet here in Louisville, the police were absent. Occupy Louisville and LMPD have not had any issues. In fact, the only officers we saw were overseeing traffic redirection for the decoration of the city for the holidays! This video was actually shot the second time we sang, since so many more people arrived. We started…

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This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like

I’m very upset this afternoon. I received word this morning that Occupy Wall Street had been raided in the middle of the night–over 200 citizens were arrested, the entire camp dismantled, and everything thrown into the trash. Three things about this event are most disturbing: 1. OWS had created a massive public library in the camp: 5,554 volumes strong. While some of the books were rescued, the vast majority of the collection was thrown into the trash. Five thousand books, gone. Knowledge, destroyed. Here is an online database of the OWS library. No matter where you stand on the political…

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What is Occupy Wall Street?

I’m seeing a lot of misunderstanding going around about the Occupy Wall Street movement. Perhaps it’s willful, perhaps it’s not. But anyhow, I decided to share the thoughts of a couple of my favorite Internet Personages to help explain what this movement is about. First, Holly explains what the movement is, how the movement is being organized, and why this movement is different from Ye Goode Ole Protest: It struck me as a very different kind of protest than any other I’ve seen.  Because it encompasses so many issues–healthcare, education, war, corporate personhood, national debt, jobs–and yet the central one is…