LouisvilleKY researchers earn $16.4 million to explore impact of environment on diabetes, obesity

Story from www.uoflnews.com Louisville, KY., – A team of researchers at the University of Louisville has garnered $16.4 million from the National Institutes of Health to explore several angles related to how different aspects of our environment contribute to the development or health impacts of diabetes and obesity. “More than 90 million adults in the United States are obese and more than 30 million adults suffer from diabetes. Our faculty, staff and students work every day to understand the causes and impacts of both so that we can develop the next generation of preventions, cures and treatments,” said UofL President…

City Girl Gone Gardening

By Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley I was a goofy teenager the first time I had ever sunk my hands into the ground and pulled up something that I would later eat. Oddly, it was a lot of fun digging in the mud that rainy day with my mom as we peeked and prodded the roots to see if any potatoes had grown.  Both of us squealed every time we found a tuber. My parents had just bought property that year and my mom tapped into her childhood memories to plant those potatoes, and also corn, green beans, tomatoes, peppers and Lord…

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Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

Louisville ranks one the best cities in the country for its filtration system. The air might not be the greatest, but the water sure is clean and refreshing. However, what they didn’t take in consideration is what apparently ranks, “Head and Shoulders” above the water that is contributing to being over weight! I thought I heard it all until… Paula Baillie-Hamilton, an expert on metabolism and environmental toxins, was one of the first to make a link between the obesity epidemic and the increase in environmental chemicals. Baillie-Hamilton argued that exposure to chemicals can damage your body’s natural weight-control mechanisms….

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Dining Out in Louisville- Preparing Yourself for Weight Loss!

Dining out has become our way of life, a part of our weekly routine. Whether you grab a meal on-the-go from the drive through or enjoy dinner out together as a family, dining out has become commonplace in our lives. Dining out is no longer a luxury that our parent’s enjoyed as it has become no big deal in our society! Dining out is convenient and enjoyable, but if we are not careful, this modern day convenience will add pounds to our bodies before we know it. Preparation is the key to eating healthy and making better menu selections that…

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Fixing Kentucky’s Obesity Problem – “FOOD” Stamps! REALLY?

Americans love fast food. (We spent $165 billion on it in 2010.) But we don’t all love it equally. Like the obesity rate, fast-food consumption varies widely by region. Residents of some states disproportionately choose fast food over other options when they go out to eat, with consequences for the state’s collective health. Using government data on the percentage of restaurants in each state that serve fast food and the percentage of dining-out dollars the average resident spends in them each year, Health.com identified the 10 states where fast-food consumption is most prevalent. Kentucky is in the top five! Colonel…

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Being Healthy Starts on the Inside – Where Has All the Laughter Gone?

I love to watch people at airports, malls, parks and church. I wonder what they had done to get them here? What attracted  two people to be together at this time? What makes that one tick or that one over there work so hard? And sadly, I wonder with most of them where has all the laughter gone? Studies show that children laugh approximately 400 times per day while adults laugh as little as 15 times a day. Studies also show that laughter helps lower blood pressure, strengthens immune systems, and helps lower stress hormones. There are no known studies…

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Overweight and Out-of-Shape: NOT Louisville’s Finest Hour!

Kentucky Upset about their weight! Upsetting to many- REALLY? Some how I’m not convinced enough people are upset, or I should say, upset enough. It always amazes me if people want something bad enough the excuses fly out the window real fast! “Many experts believe poverty and obesity are linked. Kentucky ranks fifth in poverty…. Poverty, poor people can walk, can’t they? Rich or poor is no excuse for laziness, it’s just that simple! We all have hang ups in losing weight TRUTH OR CONSEQUNCES?, but when you get to the core issue it comes down to laziness and self…

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Kentucky State Transportation Lets $41.4 Million Go Wasted!

OUTRAGEOUS! The Kentucky Department of Transportation will give up $41.4 million – even though they could have been using the funds to build better bicycling infrastructure, provide bicyclist education, install bike parking. Now they choose instead to send the money back to Washington. Meanwhile, we live in one of the most dangerous places in the U.S. for walking and cycling. And we rank at the bottom of the national Fitness Index. Let KDOT and Congress know you’re not healthy or wealthy enough to give up $41.4 M. You can do something about it! Join Bicycling for Louisville. We want better…

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No Simple Solution to Louisville’s Fitness Failure? I Disagree.

I believe Louisville, Kentucky can rapidly become a more prosperous, active and healthy place to live, work and play. A few policy changes and buy-in from public and private leadership can transform our city and surrounding counties. It starts with rolling out the red carpet for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, instead of throwing up roadblocks. Without spending a dime on infrastructure, we can get healthier and wealthier. In six months we can make a measurable difference. It takes action at the top, incentives, education, leadership, belief, positivity, connectedness, and the conviction that you can woo people away from the intoxication of gasoline fumes.