WKU Hangs On to Edge Vandy in Nashville

NASHVILLE — It wasn’t pretty.  And from Section U, the most red-drenched section at Vanderbilt Stadium, cheering for the visitors from Bowling Green featured disappointment after disappointment. But Vandy proved equally inept, blowing scoring chances with two end zone interceptions. Jeff Brohm’s vaunted Hilltopper offense, which operated at the end of 2014 with pinball precision, was on tilt throughout a scoreless first half and most of the third quarter. Five dropped passes, all in situations in which the play call was perfect for a big gain, kept WKU off the scoreboard. Fans in my section were clearly complaining about the…

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Bachelor Party Extravaganza!!!

We’re back into full-on wedding mode.  We took a little break from planning…a little too long of a break maybe.  We’re now in the homestretch of the final details.  Brigid loves details, and I prefer to just assume that they will take care of themselves.  Needless to say my reassurance that as long as she and I and the judge show up “everything will be fine” is not too effective.  We’re actually trying really hard to remember that this is supposed to be an adventure. So, in the spirit of adventures, this weekend is my bachelor party!  At first I wasn’t…

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In Defense of Fast Trains

As a citizen of the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth, I can’t even get snail rail service from Louisville to Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Nashville! Yet just about everyone I know gets absolutely giddy whenever the prospect of rail travel gets the least bit of discussion. It’s a fact that Main street America has been yearning for fast rail for decades. That we don’t take it seriously is a national disgrace.