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Political Stew–Here and There

Iowa Aftermath–As I posted last month, Iowa really means nothing as far as who wins the nomination, but it does serve one purpose. It usually weeds out the haves from the have-nots money-wise. That doesn’t seem to be the case this year. Mitt Romney is well financed, but Rick Santorum ran a shoestring campaign and tied the front-runner. While it’s a great start for Santorum, unless he gets a huge cash infusion from this, it can’t last. My take on Santorum is simple. Timing is everything. After watching everyone in the GOP race take a turn at the top of…

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Birth Certificate-Meet The Hairline

Well, now that the White House has officially released Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, we can finally figure out some things. First of all, why do this now-or address it at all? Two very good reasons, and both are pure politics. Obama was very astute in the way he dealt with this whole thing. He waited for just the right moment to unload on the ‘birthers’. But, he needed a one-note buffoon of a Republican candidate wannabe to take the bait. Enter Donald Trump. AKA “the Hairline.” Trump was so one-note that I found it hard to believe anyone would…