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King of the Caucus Takes the Heat on B&B Law

I showed up the Democratic Caucus meeting of the Metro Council on Thursday, just in time to hear some really bad singing of Happy Birthday for Tina Ward-Pugh. The Caucus meetings, though, are a way better way to hear what’s really going on, because it’s in the Caucus meeting that the real debate takes place before the cameras come on at the actual meetings. And yesterday the hot topic was the ordinance restricting what the 15 Bed & Breakfasts in town are allowed to do with their property. Most of these businesses operate quietly in Old Louisville, a point made…

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Got Two Cents on the Iron Quarter? Councilman Tom Owen Ponders

I always respect my Council representative for his near immediate responses to  constituent’s questions and needs. He is passionate about Louisville and one of the most accessible leaders in Metro Government. I know that he is a Voice for the city as well as our Highlands community, which has enough history in a few square miles to make any preservationist proud and enough dining, pubs and retail business to inspire locals and impress any city. It took a few rounds of email and here are Tom Owen’s two cents: My first blush thoughts: Someone from the Louisville Downtown Development Commission–over…

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Council Supports Cleavage Ban

I’m just kidding. I was having a conversation today with April Perkins about how silly the No Nudity ordinance is — we decided Louisville must now be the largest city in America where you can’t pay to see a topless dancer — and wondered what absurdity Bob Henderson’s bunch downtown might support in his effort to keep locals from thinking about sex. The headline here is how I imagine The Onion might treat the story. Seriously, can’t you imagine a “No Tolerance for Ta Ta’s” measure? TV reporters rushing to ROCK leaders asking them about the spread of venereal diseases…