Metro Council

Ashley Miller and Chuck Kaplan Stop at the Satellite

I tackle my Top Five news stories — the battle over gaming in Kentucky that illustrates why we can’t have nice things; a quick take on the Metro Council elections now that the candidate deadline has passed; Governor Beshear’s “mind-boggling” trip to see the President’s State of the Union address; the death of a local newspaper and my Super Bowl prediction.

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Rusty Fires it Up for UK, with Coach Mac and JYBIII

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RUSTY SATELLITE SHOW #12 HERE Every week, the first idea I get for this post is. . . What a week! But that would be bad writing, and give you no idea what I would really be writing about. Still, it was quite a week. I admit to getting pretty fired up when I have Rusty Satellite guests with something to say, and you’d have be an avowed pessimist to spend time with Cardinals baseball coach Dan McDonnell and not feel a little better about the world. McDonnell is a true motivator who uses tools,…

Rusty Rambles On: with David James and Terry Boyd

First, I wanted to see why David James voted not to remove ethically-challenged Barbara Shanklin from the Metro Council. He claims it’s because she wasn’t proven to have stolen any money. But I still wonder, given she did break ethics rules, what she would have to do get the boot. And apparently doing stupid stuff with good intentions is not one of them.

Reaction to Mayor’s Budget — Council Not Unanimous in Support

Here are reactions to the Mayor’s Budget Proposal — especially in the Southwest, Fischer gets praise for funding the Library, but Republicans including Jerry Miller and Ken Fleming were disappointed with the end result. There’s no doubt that this budget is an improvement, with no mention of cuts, layoffs or furloughs. “The Mayor’s proposal is a very workable approach to providing the services of government such as public safety, sanitation, economic development and maintaining and improving infrastructure. It is encouraging to know that the improving economy is slowly helping us restore services that had to be cut in tougher times….

Are You Overlooking Election Day?

No, I haven’t been paying close attention to the local political races. I hate that, because there are a few really interesting races being largely overlooked by the media. Chief among those is the 37th District Republican State Senate primary, featuring well-known locals Doug Hawkins and Chris Thieneman. The latter, who is a friend and involved in this site, has survived two challenges to his candidacy based on residency issues. But just last week he was cleared by a court to compete in the race. He says he’s raised more than $40,000 and has signs all over the district. Meanwhile…

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Preservation Rules Don’t Need Fixing

My friend John Gilderbloom makes some good points in this editorial he managed to slip into the Courier-Journal this morning. In regard to the Metro Council’s efforts to make major changes, and gain more control of, the process in which properties are designated to be preserved — Gilderbloom’s valid point is that if it ain’t broke, why fix it. It seems the effort by Council members to gain more control of the preservation process was prompted by an admittedly bad decision by local officials. That was the decision to designate the South End’s Colonial Gardens as historically signficant, which makes…

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Council’s Plan Would Kill Preservation

UPDATE 1:30 P.M. — David Yates says an amendment is being added that would allow the requirement of 100 signatures of property owners within a mile to be altered to require 10% of the property owners in the area. He said the goal of the ordinance is to give Metro Council some control over the process. I had to make a few calls to get this straight. Last night, the Metro Council introduced an ordinance that would require that, for any property to be eligible for landmark status, an application must include 100 signatures from property owners living within a…

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Morrisson Switches Races, And Other Policital Wanderings

I never thought that Curtis Morrison’s chances of upending the popular Tom Owen on the Metro Council were very good. Neither did Morrison, apparently, because on the filing deadline yesterday the commnity organizer and Bridge Toll opponent withdrew from the Metro Council race, went to Frankfort and filed to run in the 35th District State Senate race.  There he will face incumbent Denise Harper Angel. Owen will have 2 Democratic opponents in a primary — Bryan Matthews and Mason Roberts. And a Republican filed in the heavily-Democratic Highlands district — Kirt Jacobs. He does those leadership interview segments in the…

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Here’s to the Jealous, Malicious, Ignorant and Paranoid

Yes, you. Rick Pitino is ignoring you. And John Calipari, and all those witty Big Blue followers filling the Internet with barbs about Pitino, now that the Rick decided he had to take a shot at Calipari for saying earlier this week that UK was the only basketball program in the state. If you missed it, Rick said this, as reported by CBS Sports:: “Four things I’ve learned in my 59 years about people. I ignore the jealous, I ignore the malicious, I ignore the ignorant and I ignore the paranoid. If the shoe fits anyone, wear it.” Much of…

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What’s up with Bruce; and a Metro Council Skirmish

Things would have been different if. . . cn/2 did an interview yesterday with Bruce Lunsford, who seems to b e enjoying life away from politics. He thinks Steve Beshear will win in mandate-fastion in the Governor’s Race, and that, well, he hasn’t done much as governor. Lunsford said Beshear has failed to articulate a vision for his time in office. I can’t help but think how things might have been different if he had won the May 2007 primary (note: I worked on his campaign). With running mate Greg Stumbo, he finished second in a hotly-contested primary. Lunsford ran…