Mayor Bill Dieruf

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Local Attorney Says J-town Airbnb Law is Fatally Flawed

Since receiving a visit for Jeffersontown Code Enforcement Officer Kim Weber on Nov. 30, informing me that using my house as a short-term rental was a violation of Jeffersontown law, I’ve been asking city officials to show me the law in question. Neither Mayor Bill Dieruf, city clerk Bill Fox or anyone on the Planning and Zoning Committee has provided a satisfactory answer. Next I consulted with Steve Emery, a partner in the firm of Howell and Emery PLLC in LaGrange. I provided him with the specific sections of the code to review. His response: “How is leasing a short…

Sgt. Brittney Garrett, Chief Ken Hatmaker and Mayor Bill Dieruf

Jtown Taking Action to Reduce Heroin Epidemic

Heroin addicts who want to get to rehab and avoid jail will be able to show up at the Jeffersontown Police Department to get the help they need. Getting the addicts off the streets, and not putting them in jail, is the goal of an innovative program starting in Jeffersontown August 1. Mayor Bill Dieruf announced the new initiative at a press conference, along with Chief Ken Hatmaker and Sgt. Brittney Garrett. “Jtown started the HERT (Heroin Emergency Response Team) project to come up with an innovative way to help people with addictions,” he said. “We’re not just talking about…