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Rusty Satellite — Politically Speaking with Marc Murphy; Allie Martin’s Path to Fame and Fortune

The Rusty Satellite adventure this week took me downtown, where I met two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. The Story Louisville HQ on Main Street has become one of my favorite spots, because inside you find some of the most energetic and fascinating people doing some really innovative things. For example, when a scheduled interview fell through at the last minute, I was able to meet and talk with Allie Martin. The entrepreneur and I had much in common – we both were involved in a morning TV show a decade ago, we are graduates of…

Lamar Jackson and the Cards are at Boston College Saturday

LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Bevin’s Twisted Logic, Politics and Podcasts

Yes, you can count me among those disappointed in all things political this season. This week, those of us paying attention were subjected to some jaw-dropping comments from our Governor, who said on Terry Meiners show that most of us who criticize Trump for all his boorish behavior with women are hypocrites. He said you shouldn’t be knocking Trump for saying he grabs women in the crotch if you have read a racy book. Or played a certain video game. Don’t take my word for it, here are his actual words: “The same hypocrites that are supposedly outraged and offended by…

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Friday Bombshell: Bevin Announces U of L Board, Ramsey Are Out

Gov. Matt Bevin had enough of the shenanigans of the last few years at the University of Louisville. Today he announced that he was effectively firing the entire 17-member Board and accepting the resignation of the school’s president, Dr. James Ramsey. He said that three people – Junior Bridgeman, Bonita Black and Dr. Ron Wright –  will serve as the Interim Board for the next two weeks, Bevin said. Ramsey’s immediate fate isn’t certain, Bevin said, though his resignation could be effective immediately. “Given the disfunction that exists between factions of the board, it would have created a degrees of…

The cast of Peter and the Starcatcher. Photo by Bill Brymer

LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Candidates Declare, Mayor, GLI, More Politics and the Va Va Vixens

We emerged from the latest meteorological over-hype with our roads clear and a new forecast of a record high of 70 for Groundhog Day. My highlights this week included the Greater Louisville Inc. annual meeting at the Palace, the Ballotin Blues party at Meta, Peter and the Starcatchers (see picture) at Actors Theatre, and all this: The Future’s So Bright: Did you listen to WFPK’s 20-day series looking back at its two decades as the region’s coolest music station? It was cool, and made me look back at my Business First archives to see my 1998 story about the Public…

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LouisvilleKY’s GLI Meeting/Pep Rally Makes Case for Business

Once the Louisville Orchestra’s brilliant Teddy Abrams completed his wizardry at the piano at the Louisville Palace Jan. 26, GLI CEO Kent Oyler asked an enthusiastic crowd of a thousand businessmen and women if a Chamber of Commerce is still a necessity. He claimed it’s something he’d been asked about recently, and perhaps it’s a question many in the audience had asked. Of course, he presented a convincing case for the business organization’s existence. And those who followed him on stage, Gov. Matt Bevin (by video), Mayor Greg Fischer, Humana President & CEO Bruce Broussard and Aetna Chairman Mark Bertolini,…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: A Big Movie, Bibles, Bridges and Brains and Bull – and a Moose

There was a lot to do this week as I prepared for some sitting-around time post-surgery, and it seemed there was some urgency around town too. It’ll Probably Take 40 Days and 40 Nights: Now that we’ve got a religious conservative heading to the Governor’s Mansion, most folks think it won’t take long for Matt Bevin to restore state tax incentives for the Ark Park in northern Kentucky. Last year, the state tourism cabinet revoked $18 million in tax credits because the Park wouldn’t say it would hire anybody who wasn’t a Christian, and the state doesn’t support religious ideas….


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Will Bevin Bury Kynect?

This week we learned that the Republican strategy of tying Democratic opponents to President Obama in Kentucky, where Obama’s approval rating is about 30 percent, still works, especially if the Dem is Jack Conway. Our next governor is Matt Bevin, who won by a wide margin in an election that only a third of registered voters in Kentucky bothered to participate in. The good news is Bevin will certainly be different and his team will be inexperienced in Frankfort bureaucracy and methods. And he’s hired Hal Heiner for his transition team. The bad news: He says of Kynect, the popular health…

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LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Sombreros, Spooks, Skeletons is celebrating/lamenting the end of October and Daylight Savings Time by getting out on the town and, also, watching some good TV — Cards at Wake Forest Friday night, then the Breeders Cup all weekend (you can still get a Friday ticket for $22 on StubHub). On Sunday, you can see Rick Pitino’s Cardinals at the Yum! Center against Bellarmine. Sad Sombrero: Let’s not feel sorry for U of L president James Ramsey, whose office had to defend this embarrassing photo of staff members making fun of Mexicans. The pic was from a story reported by the Courier-Journal at…

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THE WEEK: Let me Tell You About My Golf Score, and More

THE WEEK is, well, late this week. Sorry about that. On Thursday, when I usually put it together, I was hosting a special dinner for my son Nick (an ex-Rusty guest who is leaving to study Theatre in Italy) and my son Josh (who turned 24 Friday). Check out my account of our hiking trip to Red River Gorge on If you’re like me, you hate it when people come up and think you’ll be interested in how their round of golf went. So with apologies in advance, the other reason THE WEEK didn’t happen on time was that…


THE WEEK’s NEWS: Ice Cream, a Roller Coaster and Some Real News

The current news cycle is being dominated by yet another tragic shooting, this time in Louisiana, and America’s continuing failure to do anything to change how easy it is for deranged individuals to get their hands on guns. However, there’s plenty of good news in good ole Louisville K Y . . .   COMFY COW’S RANGE: Could an ice cream business be Louisville’s next national success story in business? The six-year-old startup launched by partners Tim and Roy Koons McGee opened a commissary this week with plans to market sweet treats nationally. CHRIS THIENEMAN’S COURT BATTLE: Watch the video…