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WHAS-TV News Director Finds Abandoned Dog

Mean people suck. That may be the message to take from a story that comes to us from WHAS-TV news director Mark Neerman. On Sunday morning, Neerman was walking his own dogs in Central Park and happened upon this poor animal chained to a garbage can and apparently abandoned by its owner. Appalled, Neerman went home and got the animal food and water and called Metro Animal Services, which sent an officer out to pick up the pooch. Neerman said he didn’t know how long the dog had been there. Neerman posted word of the incident on the station’s site…

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WHAS-TV’s Fill-In Strategy

It’s storm season, so that means local TV weather guessers are putting in extra hours. And it’s no time to be short on personnel. That’s one reason WHAS-TV has called on a local weather veteran, Kim Stevens, to fill in on the air. Stevens is doing freelance weather in the spot vacated by Jamie Martin, who left for a job in South Bend.  She’s was with WLKY-TV until leaving in 2009. She’s done some fill-in work at her old station, too. Mark Neerman, the station’s news director, said using local, known freelance talent is a good way to get through…