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Rusty Satellite — Politically Speaking with Marc Murphy; Allie Martin’s Path to Fame and Fortune

The Rusty Satellite adventure this week took me downtown, where I met two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville. The Story Louisville HQ on Main Street has become one of my favorite spots, because inside you find some of the most energetic and fascinating people doing some really innovative things. For example, when a scheduled interview fell through at the last minute, I was able to meet and talk with Allie Martin. The entrepreneur and I had much in common – we both were involved in a morning TV show a decade ago, we are graduates of…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Despite All That, a Super Week

We’re only a few weeks into this Trump thing, and our focus seems to be jumping from one scary concept to another. My vote for the most troubling thing Trump said in the last week is his determination to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment. It may not sound like much, but it would allow churches across the country to become politicized and, I think, to become a focal point for campaigning. Trump wants to allow religious leaders, whose businesses are tax-exempt, to openly campaign for causes and candidates. Here at home, there were protests galore downtown in reaction to Trump’s immigration executive order,…

This week's Pizza Club was at DiOrio's in St. Matthews

LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Serious Cartooning, Pot Dreams, Powerball Fantasies and 10-Minute Plays

Welcome to the latest on Louisville, where you didn’t win the Powerball, but GE Appliances found a new buyer. And I learned from experts that Matt Bevin is easy to draw, and lampoon, and that he’s in favor of passing legislation on medical marijuana, just like his GOP brother Rand Paul. Controversy Stirs With Race, and Guns, and Religion: So that’s where Courier-Journal cartoonist Marc Murphy gets the most inspiration. Find out what he did to get his face on a WANTED poster in rural Kentucky on the Rusty Satellite Show.  Chinese Firm Agrees to Buy GE Appliances, and Louisville…